Selecting the right business school was a crucial decision for me, one that needed to align with my values and aspirations. London Business School became an obvious choice the moment I learned about being selected for the Women’s Merit Scholarship at London Business School to pursue a Masters in Financial Analysis. More than just a financial aid, this scholarship represents a recognition of my journey, my aspirations, and the impact I aim to make not only within LBS but also in the broader professional landscape.

Although I didn’t have to make a separate application for this scholarship, I was keen to secure one as it simplified my decision-making, providing a clear sign that LBS values the unique qualities I bring to the table. As an international student from Ghana, this heightened my sense of belonging within the LBS community.

Beyond the personal affirmation, the Women’s Merit Scholarship underscored LBS’ commitment to promoting diversity in a field where minority women are often underrepresented. This shared commitment further convinced me that LBS is more than just an academic institution—it is a community genuinely invested in the growth and success of its students.

The financial support from the scholarship significantly eased the burden of relocating to another country for my masters study. It enabled me to focus wholeheartedly on my education, engage in student life, and kickstart my career. Empowered by this support, I embraced leadership roles within the School, fostering both personal and academic growth. I joined the Black in Business Executive Committee, where I contribute to a team to help foster community and advance black careers in the workplace.

Another avenue the scholarship opened up was connecting with fellow scholars on the Student Philanthropy Council. This experience allowed me to advocate for the importance of philanthropy, helping other students access opportunities for scholarships and experience the wonderful environment that LBS has to offer. It was a way for me to give back and contribute to the sense of community that had embraced me.

The scholarship not only empowered me to pursue leadership roles but also instilled in me a deep commitment to supporting individuals from similar backgrounds in achieving their aspirations. Being from Ghana, I am aware that many individuals, especially in underprivileged communities, lack access to the educational and professional opportunities that I have been fortunate to experience. This awareness has fueled my commitment to creating pathways for others, advocating for inclusivity and equal access to education. It is a reminder that the impact of scholarships extends far beyond individual success, reaching into communities and regions where such opportunities are limited. I am happy that I can be the inspiration to many others that this is possible to achieve, and as I continue on my journey, I carry with me a profound sense of responsibility to contribute to breaking down barriers and fostering a more equitable and accessible educational landscape for individuals in Ghana and beyond.

In conclusion, my experience as a Women’s Merit Scholar at LBS has not only been about academic and financial support but also about finding a community that genuinely values diversity, fosters personal growth, and inspires a commitment to making a positive impact. As I reflect on this journey, I am grateful for the opportunities the scholarship has afforded me and excited about the doors it continues to open for both my career and my ability to contribute to a more inclusive and empowered professional world.

Written By Sadia Iliasu, MFA 2024

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