Early Career 2021 intake applications are official now open!

By Malak Hammoud, Recruitment Manager MiM, GMiM & MFA

We understand a lot of time and effort is invested in preparing a strong Early Career application, especially when you’re juggling your final undergraduate year or employment all at the same time. Whether you’re interested in applying to the MiM, GMiM, MFA or MAM programmes you will find that the deadlines and process is the same across all of these Early Careers programmes. We want to break down the 2020/21 recruitment cycle and share some useful tips on a few of the application elements. 

So you can plan ahead, it’s crucial that you are aware of the dates and deadlines. We operate a ‘staged admissions’ process, which are made up of five rounds starting from September until May. The reason for the different rounds is to allow us to process a high volume of applications efficiently. Competition is often intense in the final months so we recommend you apply as early as possible. If you submit your application earlier than a deadline round this does not mean you will hear an earlier outcome – your application will be reviewed once the upcoming deadline has passed.

The table below highlights the specific dates you can expect to hear if you are granted an interview and when to expect the final decision. If you are applying abroad you will be asked to select three preferred interview cities and will attempt to connect you with alumni in your region to conduct the interview. If there is no availability you will be offered a Skype interview instead with a member of the admissions committee.

Applications are reviewed holistically, hence, every part of your application plays an equal role when being reviewed. I understand that the applications are lengthy so please take your time on each section. I want to break down the important components that can contribute to a successful applications.

One page CV:

This is a glimpse into your professional and academic achievements so far. It’s often your first opportunity to sell yourself to the Admissions Committee and be a memorable applicant. Check out our blog on what we look for in a CV and us the CV template we recommend. Below are a few points to consider as an EC applicant. 

  • Involvement in societies/community involvement/ impact 
  • International exposure/ seeking exposure/ personal interests
  • Quality of work experience/ internships/ relevance to sector
  • Extracurricular involvement/ entrepreneurial experience/ leadership traits
  • Skills/ personal development/ accomplishments and achievements   


Applicants must submit a transcript or list of grades for all studies at university level that contributed to the award of a degree. If you are applying and have not yet completed your degree you will need to request a transcript that is current at the time of applying. Remember to also submit copies of any professional qualifications that you are listing within your application. If these documents are not in English, then you should provide a translation. We only require copies of your academic transcripts at this application stage.


You must take either the GMAT or GRE before you submit your application. If you have not received your official score report by the time you submit, we do accept the unofficial score report as evidence. There is no preference between GMAT and GRE – we accept either. What score should you aim for? Check out the class average score for your programme of interest. If you already have a score however you plan to retake the exam after a specific deadline round, please upload your old score along with due date you are expected to retake so we can anticipate an updated score from you. You can practice the GMAT test with London Business School’s GMAT simulator and prepare yourself for the test.


No, it’s not a reference letter, it’s easier. You will need to submit the names and details of one academic and one professional referee. Once you complete their details online, they will receive an email with a link to brief online form they will need to complete and submit by the application deadline that you are submitting your application within otherwise your application will be deemed incomplete. I would recommend selecting individuals who know you well and can provide specific feedback on their interactions with you either in the classroom or workplace.


Articulate your interests, values and goals! The essay questions are designed to be tailored to your own personal experiences so it’s crucial that you portray the right message that reflects your ambitions within the word limit. It’s a great opportunity to tell us more about yourself. Make it personal to you. Take your time to tailor your answers to portray your skills and personality to fit the programme of choice. We are interested in what motivates you, evidence of leadership and teamwork, why LBS and what you will bring to the LBS community. Do your research. Reach out to our student ambassadors, learn about our community and clubs. The more you know, the better you can contribute to our global community.

How can we support you?

We are here every step of the way till you submit your online application.

  • Tailored feedback to improve the strength of your overall profile
  • Face to face/phone/video consultations
  • Updates on relevant virtual and invite only events  
  • Overall application support/ general enquires
  • Relevant materials and online resources

How to get in touch?

Masters in Management/ Global Masters in Management mim@london.edu Masters in Financial analysis – mfa@london.edu Masters in Analytics and Management – mam@london.edu

Get in touch and begin your journey at LBS!

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