Join the MiF in August 2021: Applications now open

by Lucky Singh, MiF Recruitment Manager

Applications are now open for our Masters in Finance (MiF) Full-time and Part-time August 2021 intakes.

We understand the time and effort that goes into a MiF application, and with the Round 1 application deadline fast approaching, we want to highlight the MiF application deadlines and process.

All deadlines are at 13.00 UK time.

MiF Full-time deadlines:

MiF Part-time deadlines:

  • Your application must be complete before it is considered – we must receive all documents by the deadline for you to be considered in that round. This includes receipt of your references from the two referees you have nominated
  • Please note preference for scholarships will be given to candidates who apply in rounds 1-4 (MiF full-time) and rounds 1-5 (MiF part-time)

“We have deadlines to enable us to manage a high volume of applications and set your expectations on how long you will wait to hear back from us. Every deadline is a busy one! The dates above are a guide to the maximum decision times in each admissions round.  We review applications and release decisions throughout each round, so you might decide to submit a few weeks before an application deadline – if you do so, you can expect a correspondingly earlier review decision from us.  Apply as early as possible – but don’t rush your application. Competition is often more intense in the final rounds.  Allow yourself plenty of time to reflect on the essay questions and write your answers!”
Peter Johnson, MiF Senior Recruitment & Admissions Manager

Although a large portion of our places are filled in the earlier rounds, we hold back places for the final rounds, in order to build the class diversity we are seeking. What we don’t want to do is frontload our admissions process and sacrifice our class diversity.

We are ranked as the best post-experience Masters in Finance Programme in the world, with an excellent London location and outstanding employment success, we also have an incredibly diverse class both in nationalities and finance backgrounds represented. To get a better understanding of the diversity of our class you can download the MiF 2019 intake class directories here.

Throughout the application process the Recruitment and Admissions team are here to help and support you. Before you apply, you can submit your CV here and we will provide an informal review of your eligibility and fit for the Programme.

If you have any questions about the MiF application process, you can contact the MiF Recruitment and Admissions Team at

We wish you success with your application!

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