EMBA-Global beyond graduation

by Matthew Foster, Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Sloan & EMBA-Global

At the end of February, the EMBA-Global Americas and Europe class of 2018 attended graduation in New York City. Their EMBA-Global journey, however, is far from over.

The 70+ strong class of experienced professionals now join an active and engaged community of over 82,000 alumni from London Business School (LBS) and Columbia Business School (CBS) scattered across the globe, all of whom have gained from the knowledge they developed during their time in class.

But the EMBA-Global experience is for life, not just for the lecture hall.

Ongoing Career Support

One of the most important places in any business school is the Career Centre as students come to the classroom for not only the hard skills but looking to apply these in their careers to enable their future accelerations, transitions or own ventures.

Graduates of the EMBA-Global programme have lifelong access to Career services at both Schools, maintaining the access to the expertise and skills first encountered upon enrolment.

This includes one to one support, exclusive job boards, interview preparation and access to detailed and expert research that can aide in graduates’ next big decision. Due to the global nature of our graduates, much of this support is provided both remotely as well as on site at our state-of-the-art campuses in New York, London and Dubai.

Lifelong Learning

As Andrew Scott, LBS Professor of Economics, and Linda Gratton, LBS Professor of Management Practice, outlined in their book The 100 Year Life, the need for individuals to refresh their learning is becoming increasingly pertinent in an ever-changing world.

With this in mind, alumni of the EMBA-Global programme have lifelong audit privileges to CBS’s extensive portfolio of courses at no extra fee. Places are subject to availability, however more often than not space is available.

Alumni Clubs around the world

A key component of any Executive MBA programme is the network built, and with the Alumni Clubs of both Schools available, graduates can be sure that access to the network is never far away.

LBS has over 100 Alumni Clubs based on every inhabited continent on the planet, and include geography specific options along with professional interests such as Asset Management or FinTech. Once a year this community comes together at the Worldwide Alumni Celebration, at home and on campus, with dinners, lectures, speaker events, and much more.

CBS, meanwhile, have an ever-increasing group of more than 80 Alumni Clubs, including the 1,000 member strong Alumni Club of New York, providing diverse events and an ongoing connection to this world-leading business school.

Take the first step

Before they were alumni, these 82,000+ diverse and exciting individuals were of course students, and applications are still open to join the class of 2020 starting in May 2018.

Explore the programme further on our website and send us your CV for some informal one-to-one feedback on your candidacy.

We look forward to welcoming you the community.

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