EMBA-Global Interview Tips

By Elena Aldea, Senior Recruitment & Admissions Manager, EMBA-Global and Sloan

If you have been shortlisted for an EMBA-Global interview… congratulations! This means that you have submitted a competitive application and now we would like to get to know you better at the interview stage. As one of the Admissions Managers for EMBA-Global I have the pleasure of interviewing candidates and really enjoy the process. I would like to share some general tips to help you feel prepared and make this an equally enjoyable experience for you. 

What Happens Next? 

Applicants applying from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East will be interviewed by London Business School. Applicants applying from North and South America, Asia and Australia would be interviewed byColumbia Business School. Each school handles the administration of reviewing applications and interviewing based on their territory, but the admissions decisions are made together in the Admissions Committee after the interview. The interview is usually the final stage of your application process, so it’s time to put your best foot forward and really showcase your personality and strengths! 

Interview Structure 

Interviews are conducted one-to-one by an Admissions Manager or Senior Manager. They last approximately 45 minutes to an hour, with time left at the end to ask us any questions. We do not ask any ‘trick questions’! The purpose of the interview is for us get to know one another, discuss whether the programme can help you meet your career goals, and make sure there is a mutual fit. 

Interview Topics 

We have reviewed your CV, application and essays before the interview and might ask you to go into more detail on any of the areas below (but not limited to these areas). 

  • Career Progression and Leadership potential
    Our EMBA-Global class will have an average of 12 years of experience. Be prepared to answer questions regarding managerial decision making, demonstrate examples of leadership style and discuss your short and long term goals. We also might ask questions relating to your experience working in teams since programmes at LBS are structured in study groups. Hopefully you have some positive examples of your team work or study group experience! 
  • Academic Capacity
    The EMBA-Global is a rigorous and demanding programme so we will take measures to assess your academic capabilities. What we use to assess this are your academic transcripts and test scores (GMAT or EA). We may ask how you prepared for the exam, what your previous experience was like in your undergraduate degree, what courses and topics you feel comfortable with and what areas you may struggle in. If you do not have the strongest academic history then come with some examples of how you have improved since, and perhaps how you have been able learn and apply knowledge in your current role. It helps to research the core courses that make up the programme so that you can discuss. 
  • International Exposure
    This is a global programme in nature and we are looking to build a very diverse and unique class. Come prepared to discuss the level of international exposure you have in your current and previous roles, what it’s like working with people from different cultures, or your experience living or working abroad. We love to hear about your travels whether they have been for work or pleasure. We are also very impressed if you have experience volunteering in other countries!
  • Motivation and Logistics
    We want to make sure ‘The Time is Right’… so you may be asked questions relative to your motivation for joining the EMBA-Global, the level of support from your employer/family/friends, and whether or not you are financially sponsored. 

Interview Tips 

  • Don’t ramble
    We have so many questions we would like to ask you within the hour, and we would love for it to flow like a conversation. Try not to ramble or go off on a tangent. The more questions we are able to ask the more we can discuss what makes you unique with our colleagues at the Admissions Committee. 
  • Showcase what makes you unique
    Charity work, travel, special interests, etc. Your CV has shown us your career progression, the transcripts your academic capabilities, and the essays your Global experience and contribution to the class. The interview is meant to showcase your personality and what makes you unique. 
  • Do your research
    Let us know if you have met any students, alumni, faculty or if you have attended any events. Think about the core classes or electives you are looking forward to. Have an understanding of why you feel that the EMBA-Global is the right programme for you, and what makes this class different than an early or mid-career MBA. 

If you have not applied yet, but have interest, then the first step would be to submit your CV here. The first application deadline is September 13. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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