Entrepreneurship on the LBS Sloan Masters

by Linden Selby, Senior Admissions Manager, Sloan & EMBA-Global

We seem to have a lot of entrepreneurs in the mix on the LBS Sloan this year. People who have set up their own ventures, are looking to grow them, have sold them and even some moving on to their next one – as well as those people who are looking to become part of this world of entrepreneurship.

Here at LBS we’re very keen to support our Masters students in their business ventures. Did you know we were one of the very first business schools that decided entrepreneurship was a subject that could be taught?

We have great elective courses, a summer school, executives and mentors in residence and an incubator – all designed to give you skills, confidence and support to become a wealth creator. Take a look at our Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for more information on our work with entrepreneurs.

Do I have any favourite enterprise stories? Loads, but just taking one example – Vera Wei.

Having started out in the financial industry, Vera was fuelled by her experience on the Sloan to launch her own start-up providing educational trips to the UK for Chinese children. You can read more about her inspirational journey here.


Events and networking: Meet your next business partner

It’s not all about what you then get up to after the programme, we also wanted to give a shout-out to all the LBS Sloan fellows who have been organising events here at LBS that provide fantastic networking opportunities– including a fantastic Sundowners in May.

For those of you who don’t know about Sundowners, at around 6.30 pm on Thursday you will find students and staff enjoying free drinks for a couple of happy hours. LBS alumni continue this tradition – there are Sundowners’ meetings around the world. Who knows who you will meet? Perhaps your next business partner!

Our next deadline for the LBS Sloan is 25 July, and that is also the date when the scholarship applications need to be in.  I’ll look forward to receiving and reading them, and do get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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  1. Sajeesh Kallat Reply

    Story of Vera Wei is inspirational…Excellent example of aspiration being nurtured and given wings by courage and mentoring. Good Luck!!

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