Executive MBA: A few final steps before joining your life-changing LBS cruise!

Congratulations and a very warm welcome to the London Business School community! As you prepare to embark on this transformative journey, we want you to know that you are about to step into an experience that will shape your future in extraordinary ways. Your journey at LBS will be one of growth, discovery, and achievement. You will engage with leading academics, industry pioneers, and a global network of peers who will become your lifelong friends and allies. Together, you will embark upon a learning journey that will empower you to make a meaningful impact. Let us talk you through the next steps in the admissions and onboarding process.

Once you have arranged payment of the commitment fee and completed the digital offer pack you will be sent a desired formal confirmation of your place on the Executive MBA London.  If you were fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship a new invoice reflecting the deduction amount will be provided, this does not affect the commitment fee payment but deductions are spread evenly over any remaining payments or balance.

As well as confirming your place, the email will contain a term schedule for your logistical planning and a Visas document to offer further information on how international students can attend.  If you require this information sooner that’s no problem, you can reach out to the admissions team to request any information or support that will aid your planning at any stage.  Please ensure you have planned logistically for travel arrangements for the orientation week and following class schedule dates.  If a Visa is required, please make any necessary arrangements and reach out to the EMBA admissions team or visas@london.edu for any help or support as attendance for the Orientation Week is compulsory as it will cover some of the first core modules of programme.

Accessing networks and programme contents

Admits will be assigned their own LBS programme email address.  This email is how you will access the LBS networks.  You will receive an email inviting you to join the Meet platform with your LBS email address.  This email is specific to yourself and the EMBA programme.  Simply follow the set-up instructions email use the link to download or access the Meet platform.  On your first visit, it will ask you to create a password.  This password is used with your LBS email address to access other LBS networks and portals.

You can now use your LBS email address and the password you created to sign into and access Meet & Outlook.

Meet is a social platform where you can find and interact with your fellow EMBA co-hort.  You will also find information in the notes section with further programme information.

As we approach the start of the programme, you will receive newsletters from the LBS Programme Office. These newsletters will offer further details regarding the programme. The first newsletter will usually contain details of the accommodation provided for orientation, with more information on how to reserve your room. The third newsletter will usually include an access link to Canvas for any pre-course study material. The pre course study materials for completion may not be added all at once but access granted by the programme office as they become available for admits.

You should be able to sign into Canvas with the same email and password as previously used for Meet.  You must ensure that you update your Canvas profile with a headshot on a white background before orientation, as this will be used to generate your LBS security/ID & name badge, which will be allocated at the check-in desk at the start of orientation. 


Each intake is assigned a specific programme manager.  You will meet the programme manager and the programme office team at orientation, they will guide you and offer you help and support throughout your EMBA journey.  We also host both the London & Dubai Executive MBA programmes at orientation so you will have a chance to meet your EMBA programme counterparts.

On the morning of orientation, you will be greeted by members of the programme office and admissions team from both the London and Dubai EMBA programmes. Here you will receive your welcome pack consisting of your desk name plate and security pass.  As we await and greet all the new admits for each programme you are welcome to network and socialise with each other.

Orientation is a full week usually starting on a Sunday and finishing with an evening event on the Friday with hotel check out the following day (Saturday) during orientation accommodation, drinks, and refreshments as well as meals will be provided.  During the class term times EMBA admits are expected to arrange their own logistics and accommodation.

If at any point you have any concerns or questions you more than welcome to approach a member of staff on campus or you can reach out to the admissions team or programme office via email.  The Executive MBA at London Business School is a rich and rewarding experience and you will be learning with successful and highly motivated colleagues.

Welcome aboard LBS!

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