The Executive MBA and your career

by Anum Baakza, Recruitment and Admissions Officer, Executive MBA

Our Career Centre is an integral part of the Executive MBA, and will accompany you on your journey through the programme, supporting your career ambitions, whatever they may be.

All of our students have very unique commitments and ambitions so we ensure the Career Centre offers you tailored advice to help you meet your personal goals. You’ll be invited for a conversation with career coach, giving you the opportunity to explore your career aspirations and discuss the best route towards them. We find that most students fall into one of three categories, they’re either looking to: accelerate in their current career, transition into a new career or start their own business.

Regardless of the direction you may have chosen to take in your career path, the process will consist of three phases: exploring, planning and executing. You will begin with reflecting on, exploring, defining and developing your career goals. After which, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a plan with the help of the career coach that best suits your needs and agree on a timeline to ‘execute’ the plan.

Our Career Centre will provide you with personalised guidelines depending on what direction it is you want to take. However, the three main components that are used to formulate a plan remain the same. You’ll have several tools at your disposal to help along the way:

1)      An online, self-guided Career Management Toolkit. This includes skill workshops based around relevant topics such as ‘Social Media Marketing’, ‘Exploring your Career Goals’ and ‘Strategic Networking Skills’. Additionally, the Career Centre organises masterclasses, career days and webinars which give individuals the chance to explore their career paths.

2)      Group or one-to-one coaching with visiting executives who share their industry experience.

3)      Market insights offered by career sector leads which include networking evenings and a wealth of information pertaining to different sectors and industries.

Throughout our programme and beyond, you’ll have open access to the LBS Career Centre. We actively encourage you to utilise the myriad of resources available to you and take advantage of this support as you develop over the course of your studies.


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