Global Masters in Management: All you need to know

by Malak Hammoud, Recruitment Manager MiM, GMiM and MFA

There is always confusion regarding the “global” aspect of the Global Maters in Management (GMiM) programme that we offer at London Business School. What makes it different to the Masters in Management (MiM) programme? In this blog I will be break down exactly how similar, different and global the GMiM really is and what it has to offer.

Two degrees. Two cities. Two networks. The GMiM is aimed at those who wish to explore new cultures, gain international exposure and embrace diversity in two key global economic cities; London and Shanghai. The unique experience will expose you to different business dynamics transforming the way you think and do business. This is a two-year, full-time course gaining you two internationally recognised degrees – a Masters in Management (MiM) from London Business School and a Masters in Science (MSc) in International Business from School of Management, Fudan University.

Are you the right fit for the GMiM?

Do you speak multiple languages? Have you worked or travelled to multiple cities? Maybe you really enjoyed an international exchange or you have a particular interest working in Asia? These are some of the few experiences that distinguish GMiM students and what makes their profiles a great fit for this programme.

Each year’s cohort is made up of a total of forty students, attracting the highest performers from around the world with an international mindset, drive and mission to make a difference. Chinese and Taiwanese nationals apply directly through Fudan who select a total of twenty students to make up for half the class. The remaining international candidates apply directly through LBS. Our GMiM students come from diverse backgrounds, experiences and bachelor studies, however they all share the same desire to explore the Asian culture and grow their industry networks. The programme offers an academic, professional and social enriching experience creating an amazing network that is as diverse in industries as it is in nationalities.

What you can expect from the GMiM

For those who come from a business background GMiM offers in depth knowledge of how theory applies to the real world through a live 10-week business project, tackling and addressing real business challenges faced by London firms. This exposure builds on hands-on experience and problem-solving skills that employers seek. If business knowledge and experience is what you’re lacking, the mix of academic offerings and practical context will support your transition into the business world.

During your first year in London, you will be studying alongside LBS’s MiM students, settling into your core courses which cover key areas of finance, strategy, economics, accounting, organisational behavior, operations and marketing. You will also be taking on Mandarin lessons to support you in writing your thesis abstract in Chinese for your second year at Fudan. You will have the opportunity to do an internship during your summer before your Shanghai experience begins with the support of the Career Centre.

The fusion of east meets west teaches you to operate seamlessly between Eastern and Western business networks and transporting your classroom learning to the global context and setting the foundation for a successful global career. Many GMiM students are interested in working in Asia post-studies with 58% of the 2018 accepting offers in China. To find out more information regarding the GMiM career opportunities, download the Employment report here.

We’re here to help

To support you in making the right decision when considering the GMiM we recommend reaching out to our ambassadors and alumni who are happy to share their experiences and reflections. You can also checkout our blog posts written by Alumni on their journey here. To gain more information about the programme structure, application process and requirements get in touch with the recruitment team who can also offer CV reviews, consultations and support you in submitting the strongest application possible. Get in touch, we are here to help!

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