Interviewing for the MiF: Everything you need to know

As our Masters in Finance (MiF) Round 3 interview decision deadline has recently passed, meaning many applicants will now be busy preparing for their interviews! To give you a helping hand, we’re going to take a look at the MiF interview process and hear from a current student on their own interview experience.

Once we’ve decided to invite you to interview, we’ll then carefully select an interviewer for you. Your interviewer will be a MiF alumn, and we’ll try our best to match you with one who has a similar background or who’s in the area of finance you’d like to specialise in. Having completed the MiF themselves, they are in the perfect position to assess if you would be a good fit for the School and the programme. As well as being able to answer all your burning questions!

The interview will most likely take place in the city you live in; we don’t expect you to come to our campus in London.

Before the interview try not to be nervous, the interviewing alumni have already been through the application process themselves, so they know exactly how you are feeling! Think of the interview as an opportunity to sell yourself in person. It is also a great opportunity to learn from someone who has been a MiF student and studied at London Business School.

Think of the interview as a discussion: use the time to explore ideas, ask questions and show us why you would be a valuable member of the LBS community.

A key piece of advice – make sure that what you have written in your application is consistent with what you are saying in your interview. Be clear on your career goals and how the MiF can help you achieve them.

Martin Bolfeta Rosas, one of our brilliant Student Ambassadors, and a current MiF FT student, shares his interview experience and some advice:

“My interviewer went through all my application, questioning me about my answers: my international experience, medium-term and long-term goals, GMAT etc. So it would be best to be confident about what you wrote and be prepared to elaborate on the information included in your application. 

Be able to describe everything that you included in your CV; your interviewer may be familiar with the duties of your previous jobs so they may try to delve into the technicalities behind your achievements and daily responsibilities.

Don’t be nervous. If you get to this point of the application it’s because you are an outstanding candidate, so be confident answering about what you already know and about what you have achieved.”

For more information and to further help you prepare for your interview, you can also:

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