Global Masters in Management: My first term

By Romane Courtois, GMiM2023

Looking back at the past four months at London Business School, it’s hard to believe it is already the end of the first term! I remember the Programme Office and Career Center warning us at the beginning of the year how important it is to cherish every moment as it will go by in a flash. And they were right. The last few months were filled with classes, club events, career panels, networking events and so much more! Reflecting on my time at LBS so far as a Global Masters in Management (Global MiM) student, a few highlights stand out for me:

  • Mandarin classes: An integral part of the Global MiM programme, international students attend weekly Mandarin courses throughout the year to improve our level of proficiency before going to Fudan next year. In addition to learning the language, we also discovered Chinese culture through fun activities such as paper cutting, calligraphy and poems. Beyond improving my level of Mandarin, these weekly sessions were a bonding activity for GMiM students and a distinction from the general classes we have with the MiM. Professor Iris Cai is an engaging teacher that made class a welcoming and dynamic environment. She strongly encouraged participation and interaction between students which made for a great learning experience. I really look forward to continuing Mandarin classes next year.
  • The support of the Career Center: Before even stepping foot on campus, the Career Center helped me in crafting my CV and making sure my cover letter was ready for the start of the year. I am interested in working in the film and media industry so the recruitment only happens later in the year, around April, and it’s more ad hoc open positions than graduate programmes. However, I have already met with the Career Center multiple times to best prepare myself for the year ahead and make sure I seize every opportunity available. For me, the emphasis has been on networking and reaching out to people working the industry. I have made several connections with fellow LBS alumni who were extremely helpful and gave me key career advice.
  • My study group: For the first term, we were placed in study groups of 5 to 7 students to complete all our group assignments together. I really enjoyed my study group even if it can sometimes be challenging as we all come from different backgrounds and nationalities. In my study group , there was a total of five nationalities: French, Indian, American, Russian and Chinese. Working as a study group was a great learning experience and a reflection of the real world interactions we would face in our careers. I learned how to adapt to different dynamics within a group and the key functions necessary for efficiency. Our professional and personal development growth class helped us be better teammates and understand how to use our strengths and weaknesses. It taught me the importance of diversity as well as communication in a group. It wasn’t always easy and we each had our own working style and priorities but we made it work and it was that much more enriching when we succeeded.  I loved my study group and will definitely continue to stay in touch with my peers but I’m also excited for my new group in the second term. It’s a great way to get to know the other students on a deeper level.

I can’t wait for next term and all the incredible opportunities that await! Now, I’m logging of for a well-deserved break.

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