How the Executive MBA can take you further

Our Executive MBA (EMBA) is designed for professionals that want to take their career to the next level, without pausing their career.

Meet our alumna Athina Argyriou who discusses why she chose the EMBA programme to take her career to the next role.

Why did you choose London Business School to further your education?

“I researched various executive programmes in France and around the world. What I found is that the multicultural, geographical and student diversity, as well as the global reach, makes LBS one of a kind. The opportunity to acquire a new set of skills, in such an interactive and international environment with people sharing similar aspirations was particularly compelling to me. Given my professional experience in the last 20 years in an international environment, I learned to understand and appreciate the importance of seeing and resolving issues from different perspectives.”

What was it about the EMBA that made it the right programme for you?

“When I decided to enrol in the EMBA at LBS, I was at the stage in my professional career where I became conscious of the need to move out of a comfortable pattern of working life, seek new challenges and realise my full potential. The most predictable route to expand my professional progress would be to seek another form of employment. This would be an easy and temporary way out. Instead, after much consideration, I set my sights on a more ambitious path and made the leap to change. I can say without a doubt that exploring one’s ambitions is an intensive process. If done thoroughly, the exercise brings about great clarity. My clarity has manifested in my commitment to invest in the attainment of a higher level of education that will advance my career.”

Is there one EMBA experience that stayed with you?

“I believe that an MBA starts well before the first day of class. For me, it began with an honest assessment of my skills and accepting that I have areas of improvement. Ambition has also been part of my journey. For, in addition to the core courses, I was particularly attached to the leadership curriculums, designed to focus on each individual’s personal potential. This approach offers the opportunity for each participant to maximize his or her distinctive leadership style. For me this meant enhancing my core leadership assets, learning about the ones I didn’t not know about and developing others so I can be an effective leader.”

Are you still in touch with your classmates?

“My EMBA cohort was above all a solid global community. We exchange regularly and keep informed about our career evolutions, business opportunities, world matters, as well as family and personal events. We are all looking forward to getting together post pandemic crises.”

How did the EMBA help you with your career?

“Post EMBA, the LBS brand and network, not only gave me the confidence to venture into different directions but above all gave me the means to exercise a real choice in my ambition of advancement to a senior management position. I used my new knowledge, ideas, people and skills and assurance gained through the programme and obtained a senior leadership role in risk management and competitive intelligence.”

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