Interview 101 for the LBS Sloan

by Linden Selby, Senior Admissions Manager, Sloan & EMBA-Global

For those of you who have applied to the LBS Sloan, you’re probably thinking about interviewing and wondering what to expect – so here is our Interviewing 101!

  • Interviews are one to one, and conducted by senior admissions staff or alumni – in person is best but we can also accommodate interviews over the phone if this isn’t possible.
  • They will last around one hour – sometimes they run over and while most of your time will be spent responding to questions, you are interviewing us as well, and there will always be time for your questions for us.
  • Interviews will always be in English.
  • Preparing for your interview should be straightforward. The interviewer will have seen the application and have areas to explore. LBS Sloan candidates have so much experience we sometimes find it hard to pick just one or two areas. No presentation or other materials are needed – but do re-read your application and be ready to bring some of the highlights (and challenges) to life with specific examples.

For LBS Sloan Masters candidates, it’s often a long time since you’ve sat in the interviewee chair. Rest assured there are no trick questions! We’ll be looking to find out: why this programme, why now, how you will contribute to a high calibre class and whether this is the right platform to support your future plans.

If you have any questions, about applications or your interview, feel free to get in touch!


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