By Carine Defoe (Student Recruitment Manager, Masters in Finance)

Thinking about pursuing a Masters in Finance (MiF) programme at a world-renowned Business School?  Wondering whether you’ve missed your opportunity to join in 2024?

By way of introduction, I’m Carine, the Student Recruitment Manager for the MiF programmes here at London Business School, and I’m here to tell you that it is NOT too late to apply!

Here are some top tips and words of encouragement from myself and some of our esteemed MiF Student Ambassadors:

  1. Get in contact – Connect with the MiF Recruitment and Admissions team by submitting your profile here.  If we believe that you are suited to the MiF programme we will arrange a consultation with you. In addition, ensure your CV is clear and well presented. That means it should be achievement-focused (rather than listing your responsibilities), concise and confined to a single page. You should try not to leave any gaps in your professional experience. 

Please see our 1 page CV template here.

2. Essay questions

  • Be clear in articulating your motivations for wanting to join the programme – why the MiF, why LBS, why now?
  • Clearly think through your career goals and aspirations, are they realistic? Have you thought of a plan B? Is this right programme for you to achieve those goals?
  • Reference some core courses and electives, particularly those that align with your goals and aspirations.
  • Talk about how you may see yourself contributing to classroom discussions and the wider LBS community. Are there any student clubs or societies that you are keen to join?
  • Highlight any relevant leadership and international exposure you may have acquired and elaborate on how this will add value to the student community.
  • Be authentic – Don’t tell us what you think the Admissions Committee want to hear, tell us your unique story!

3. Do your research

Here are some words of advice from our MiFFT2024 and MiFPT2025 Student Ambassadors:

Seraj Aljuhani – MiFFT2024

“Applying in the later rounds to a prestigious university like London Business School may seem daunting and scary, but don’t let that deter you from pursuing your ambition. I applied in the fourth round for the full-time Masters in Finance 2024 program, and now, I am writing to you as a Student Ambassador. If you believe you have what it takes to join the LBS network and engage with the smart business enthusiasts here, then late and early round applications are very much alike, and your chances are still robust. Educate yourself on why LBS is the right place for you by reaching out to the people in the network—students, alumni, and faculty. You’ll be positively surprised by their willingness to share insights and offer support. Go for it with confidence and curiosity!”

Tarek Andari – MiFPT2025

“Advice and reflections from my own final round application experiences. Firstly, a generic piece of advice would be to solely focus on enjoying the journey from the minute you learn about the MiF programme at LBS, irrespective of the round you are in.

My journey started by networking with alumni that undertook similar experiences and a coffee chat in the City with a member of the recruitment team. I immediately noticed the cultural and professional diversity of each of my newly formed relationships and would advise you to think about this as the School is keen to hear about the diversity you will bring to class and campus. The discussions offered valuable insights into the structure of the programme, navigating full-time work with part-time studies and the vast global network of thought leaders within the LBS community. “Coffee Chat” is a term you will quickly get accustomed to when joining the School, so why not start now and see for yourself how diverse and receptive the LBS community (incl. Student Ambassadors and Alumni) truly is. There are opportunities to also attend a live class and network with current students, which I would highly recommend.

These steps massively helped in enhancing my admissions essays and ensured a smooth transition into the programme. Lastly, if you’re passionate about finance, then this is the programme for you.”

Kojo Kwakwa – MiFFT2024

“Worried about applying in the later rounds? Don’t be. As a current Student Ambassador who has had multiple interactions with the Recruitment and Admissions (R&A) Team through the year, I have come to understand, and I can assure you: when you apply does not have as much of a bearing on your application result as you may think. It’s not about when you apply but how well you do it. Your application’s quality should be your main priority.

So, put your best self forward, no matter the round. Engage with the MiF R&A Team—they’re incredibly supportive. Attend a webinar, explore the programme on the School’s website, and articulate clearly why the MiF at LBS is the right fit for you in your application.

Remember, authenticity shines brightest, and the timing of your application doesn’t define its value. Best of luck!”

So, if you’ve read this and are keen on studying for a Masters in Finance, you have a few weeks before the final deadline for the Full-time programme and still a couple of rounds to go for the Part-time programme.

You can find our deadline calendar for the Full-time programme here and for the Part-time programme here.

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