June Recruitment Events

June Recruitment Events

Information Session in Beijing Beijing 10/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Milan Milan 11/06/2019
Reception in Milan Milan 11/06/2019
Reception in Amsterdam Amsterdam 11/06/2019
Webinar: How to Make the Most of the London Business School MBA Online 12/06/2019
Information Session in Shanghai Shanghai 12/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi 12/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Madrid Madrid 12/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Brussels Brussels 12/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Shanghai Shanghai 12/06/2019
Webinar: Empowering Women – Leadership Programmes at London Business School Online 13/06/2019
Information Session in Taipei Taipei 13/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Dubai Dubai 13/06/2019
Reception in Madrid Madrid 13/06/2019
Reception in Brussels Brussels 13/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Taipei Taipei 14/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Singapore Singapore 17/06/2019
Information Session in Singapore Singapore 18/06/2019
Faculty Masterclass in Dubai with Nitish Jain Dubai 20/06/2019
Coffee Chats in Hong Kong Hong Kong 20/06/2019
An Evening with London Business School: The Future of Finance in Hong Kong Hong Kong 20/06/2019
Webinar: A Day in the Life of a MiF Student  Online 25/06/2019
Information Session in Melbourne Melbourne 24/06/2019
Information Session in Sydney Sydney 26/06/2019

You can view all events here.

All events on campus can be found here.

For any enquiries regarding upcoming events please contact mastersevents@london.edu.


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