LBS Sloan: Springing into action…

by Linden Selby, Senior Admissions Manager, Sloan & EMBA-Global

Our LBS Sloan Fellows are 7 weeks into their first term and quickly approaching the spring.  They have found the best coffee outlets in our iconic Regents Park campus and are regulars in the Library, Reading Room and student lounges in the state of the art Sammy Ofer Centre.  The restaurants, parks and landmarks of London are being explored.  To start the year off, the class attended a family brunch, where their partners and over 40 kids came together to enjoy a very happy (and noisy) event!

Core coursework started there is lively discussion and debate around lectures, assignments and key reading lists.  And the student Clubs are in full swing with events and talks through the term.

More than statistics!

In admissions, it is a wonderful, goosebump moment when the class come together.  Every student is an individual – who we feel we know well. Each year it is thrilling to see everyone come together as a cohort, sharing knowledge, tips, childcare, the finer points of economics….

My colleague Arione will be getting the new Class Directory out to you this month – and you can see why the 64 Sloan 2018s are a class to be proud of.  With average experience of 19 years, 22% women, 23 nationalities and coming from 43 cities they are a group of seasoned decision makers who will contribute to and benefit from this year of learning.  The cohort has an appetite for challenge and change.

Courage and vision

Over the admissions process, our focus is on selecting and supporting.  The launch of the class, is an exciting period as we see again the depth and breadth of experience, and the courage to press the pause button and invest in the future.

Looking ahead

This is an exciting time to be part of the LBS Sloan. We have expanded buildings, our faculty receive recognition and significant research grants to delve into subjects that will form the basis of their course development and teaching. Tony and Maureen Wheeler, founders of the Lonely Planet guides have endowed  LBS’s newly established Wheeler Institute for Business and Development, which will apply business and entrepreneurship solutions to tackle the most pressing social and economic problems in the developing world.

Become a 2019 Sloan Fellow

Our next intake will be January 2019, applications for which are open now. Our first application deadline is the 7th March 2018.

In order to ease the application process you can submit with just the completed online application form, essays, CV, academic documents (certificate or transcripts if available), one recommendation and the application fee. This means you can submit your application pre-GMAT/EA test. The admissions team will then let you know if additional information is required

Where can I found out more?

For more information please contact our Recruitment Team at

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