Which EMBA-Global programme is right for you?

by Arione McQueenie, Recruitment Manager, Leadership Programmes

‘Which programme is right for me?’ Is one of the most frequent questions that we are asked in the Recruitment Team at London Business School. When posed this question I often advise student that research is vital when considering any Masters programme, as this is the best way to ensure that your chosen programme and school are the right fit for you and your motivations for study.

There are a number of ways that you can conduct this research including submitting your CV for an informal review and attending an Information Session on or off campus. We also have class visits taking place this February; please do get in touch with our Recruitment Team if you would like to attend.

However, even after extensive research candidates can be left wondering whether a programme is the right personality fit for them. A good way to ascertain this is considering the attributes of the current class; here are some traits of our EMBA-Global students which might help with your decision making:

Global Perspectives

Our EMBA-Global programme is designed for people who have or will have significant trans-national responsibilities. EMBA-Global students may already be travelling for work, working within a global company, or may have lived in multiple countries and experienced diverse cultures. EMBA-Global students travel to the programme from all over the world – our EMBA-Global 2019 class has 36 countries represented.

Managerial Experience

On average, our EMBA-Global students possess 12 years work experience, and we do expect some of this experience to be managerial. This experience could include management of people, projects, or budgets – essentially anywhere where you have been a decision maker.

Hunger for new ideas

Through the world renowned-faculty and unique global curriculum, EMBA-Global students have access to new ideas and ways of thinking. Whatever the motivations for study we like our students to have a thirst for this knowledge and opportunities for development.

Leadership Potential

For many, an EMBA programme is about career progression and reaching the next stage in your career. On the EMBA-Global programme we are proud of our ability to shape the leaders of the future, and all of our students have demonstrated their leadership potential.

If you feel that any or all of these qualities apply to you then the EMBA-Global programme could be a great fit. Our next class starts in May 2018 and our final application deadline takes place on the 6th March 2018

If you are interested in applying, our EMBA Global Recruitment team would be happy to discuss your individual profile and programme suitability with you further, please get in touch with us at embaglobal@london.edu

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