London Business School’s MFA: #6 in FT 2023

London Business School (LBS) has once again proven its commitment to excellence in finance education with its Master’s in Financial Analysis (MFA) programme ranking sixth globally in the Financial Times’ prestigious 2023 Masters in Finance pre-experience ranking.

This achievement marks a significant improvement of three positions in just one year and represents the MFA programme’s best performance since its inclusion in the rankings three years ago. With an outstanding track record in international mobility and the effectiveness of its alumni network, the MFA programme at LBS continues to attract talented individuals seeking unparalleled career opportunities in the financial world.

Impressive rankings and progress

Securing the sixth position globally, LBS’ MFA programme has demonstrated its dedication to providing a top-tier finance education. Notably, this year’s ranking reflects a substantial improvement, advancing three places compared to the previous year’s results. This progress is a testament to the continuous efforts made by LBS to enhance the programme’s curriculum, faculty, and student experience.

Exceptional international mobility

One key driver of interest in Masters programme’s is the prospect of international mobility. LBS’ MFA programme has excelled in this area, achieving the first rank for international mobility among all participating schools. The programme’s commitment to offering opportunities for global exposure and the development of a truly international perspective is highly valued by students. The recognition by the FT further solidifies the MFA programme’s reputation as a global leader in finance education.

A strong alumni network

The effectiveness of an alumni network is crucial in determining the long-term success and impact of a programme. The MFA has achieved a commendable third position for the effectiveness of its alumni network, showcasing the value that alumni derive from their connections and their ability to leverage those connections for professional growth and opportunities. This achievement is a testament to the strong bonds formed during the MFA journey and the ongoing support provided by the LBS community.

High alumni achievement and student satisfaction

An outstanding 93% of surveyed MFA alumni reported achieving their aims in pursuing a Masters, indicating the programme’s effectiveness in preparing graduates for successful careers in finance. This percentage represents a steady increase from 86% in 2021 and 89% in 2022, highlighting the MFA programme’s continuous improvement in delivering its educational objectives.

Additionally, the MFA has seen a significant rise in international student enrolment, reaching an impressive 99% in 2023. This increase demonstrates the programme’s appeal and ability to attract talent from around the world, creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment that enriches the educational experience for all participants. A good example of this is here in a blog written by  Joao Miguel Rodrigues Pereira MFA 2023.

Looking ahead

As LBS continues to build on the success of the MFA programme, it will undoubtedly solidify its position as a global leader in finance education, attracting ambitious individuals from around the world who aspire to make a significant impact in the financial industry.

As LBS maintains its position as the only UK school in the top ten, the MFA programme continues to establish itself as a leading choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive finance education. With a commitment to continuous improvement and a powerful network, LBS is poised to shape the future of finance education and produce the next generation of finance leaders

The full FT ranking here.

Written by Jasmine Archibong, Recruitment and Admissions Associate, MFA

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