Masters in Management: The enhanced programme

by Nalisha Patel, Programme Director, Masters in Management and Global Masters in Management

I’m so pleased to get the opportunity to share how much I am enjoying developing the roll out of the enhanced Masters in Management starting in August 2018. Only 5 months to go and plans are really coming together!

We reviewed this Degree last year, as we do every 5 years with all of our Degree programmes- and I believe these enhancements will make it the best in the market.

One key piece is around Integration. Often when studying- courses are taught in separate and siloed formats, and lack the holistic and joined up view of the real world workplace. We are addressing this not only by making sure our courses are weaved together by learning strands, but also by our Integrated Modules. These are week long projects, bringing together concepts, frameworks, and tools from the core learning of that term together in a practical and applied format. They really set you up for the roles that you go into on completion of the degree and help build skills in dealing with complexity and ambiguity. These culminate in a live business project with a company in London in the Summer term, where you bring all of your experience to look at business scenarios and present recommendations back to the companies- seeing the real impact of your learning.  We really believe this format offers much more than a theoretical based thesis.

The core learning is supported by our skills portfolio and careers support. Through the three strands- interpersonal, numerical and digital – we equip you with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

One of the real key selling points of studying your MiM at LBS is doing your Masters in a post-graduate, professional environment – learning, working with and being surrounded by accomplished professionals from all different sectors and countries. The wealth this brings to your learning and network is paramount, from working with Executive MBAs on your electives (from our huge elective portfolio) to being mentored by MBA and MiF students as part of our mentor programme- these opportunities add a huge bonus to your Masters.

One area I am particularly excited about is our Global Trips- all students will attend one trip focused on either Social Impact or Tech/Entrepreneurship- some key themes at the forefront of our modern society. These transformational experiences move away from classic company presentations in business hubs to look at pressing challenges in smaller economies as well as advancements and innovation leads in places at the helm of business advancement. The locations are Medillin, Nepal and Cape Town (Social Impact); and Beijing, Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley (Tech/Entrepreneurship)- I’m sure you agree, an amazing portfolio and difficult to choose from!

For those with their eyes on an even more Global experience – our Global MiM means you can do a second year in Shanghai. The advantage of understanding how to do business in China really has been highlighted by our 100% employment rate on that programme, something we are hugely proud of.

You can see the new programme structure here, where you will also note there is an option to extend your programme to enable a summer internship and extra electives in London or a chance to do an international exchange, further tailoring your experience to get the absolute most from your experience!

I really look forward to welcoming the new class to this truly fantastic Masters at London Business School and the incredible addition each individual brings to this community.

7 comments on “Masters in Management: The enhanced programme”

  1. Qi Rui Reply

    I am a master student from University of Essex and my major is economics. I want to apply for your Master in Management. I did my undergraduate studies in China.

    Now my situation is that I have got my master’s exam results but didn’t get my graduation thesis score also master’s degree certificate. I won’t get my degree until next month. Do I need to submit GMAT/GRE grades if I want to apply for this programme? And Should I need to submit my undergraduate grades and IELTS score ?

    Thank you!

    • Jasmine Sherman Reply

      Thanks for getting in touch. Our Masters in Management Recruitment Coordinator will get back to you via email to answer your questions.

  2. Akshay Surana Reply

    Hello Sir / Ma’am,
    I am a recent graduate from Christ College, Bangalore, INDIA. I scored fairly well in my graduation course (3.30/4 GPA) and have additional certificate courses too. I am aspiring to pursue MIM course at your esteemed University. However i am not sure about the requirements needed to get in. I have no idea of any GMAT or GRE competitive exam and hence want clarity on it.

    • Jasmine Sherman Reply

      Hi Akshay, thanks for getting in touch. Our Masters in Management Recruitment Coordinator will be in touch via email with a response shortly.

  3. GBETIE Landry Reply

    Bonjour, je suis Landry GBETIE . Actuellement en DCG 2( diplome et de comptabilité et de gestion), j’ai pour projet de faire le MiM dans votre univertisité. Serait ce possible?

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