Meet the Early Career classes of 2020

by Alexandra Salter, Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Early Career Programmes

Welcoming the newest member of our portfolio, the Masters in Analytics and Management (MAM) (and pronounced M-A-M, not MAM). This inaugural class has 31 nationalities in just one cohort of 79, keeping par with its diverse counterparts. As part of orientation, Dr. Meri Rosich, Head of Data Science for Visa, and LBS alumna remarked on ‘What an amazingly talented group of students’ the new class were, we certainly agree with her sentiments. A new programme paves the way for LBS to offer a diversified talent pool, and enrich the School’s analytical offering across the portfolio.

From the newest to the eldest, our Masters in Management (MiM) programme reached its milestone 10th birthday this year, and achieved its highest ranking – number three by the Financial Times. A couple of key highlights is that we recruited our largest ever MiM class, increasing our presence on campus with 274 students who joined us in late August. Although this class is larger than ever, we are especially thrilled that this programme has trail-blazed in its female representation, with over half (51%) of students being female – this is not only a programme but also a School first! This number includes our Global Masters in Management (GMiM) students, 38 of whom will head off to China at the end of their first year, to complete their double degree with Fudan University.

Somewhere between the newest and the eldest, we have the Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA) programme, having just enrolled our fourth class. Much like our MiM, we have the privilege of having enrolled our largest class, seeing year on year growth to reach 157 students in this cohort. Seeing great shifts in the range of the class, with 42 unique nationalities among this cohort (a rise from 33) ensuring a diversified classroom experience and lifelong, global connections. Our MFA students also hold the highest GMAT average of any of our degree programmes, scoring 711 – diverse and super smart!

Whilst our programmes offer differing focuses, each overlap with core elements of business and what our cohorts have in common is the huge amount of talent, diversity, and commitment they bring to LBS. We have scratched the surface of what some of this talent looks like, for more information, check out our new class directories to explore for yourself the diversity of our programmes and where you fit in.

MiM 2020 Class directory MAM 2020 Class DirectoryMFA 2020 Class Directory








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