LBS Sloan: Taking the next step in my career path

by Ali Kachmar, LBS Sloan 2019

As an experienced international business executive, I have worked for several multinational firms with leading brands across the globe. During this time I have successfully managed to expand and grow their business. As the next step in my career path: to gain new knowledge, skills and to prepare for more senior and challenging positions of leadership – I have found in the LBS Sloan programme at London Business School a challenging, transformational leadership programme that exceeded my expectations. It has helped me solidify my knowledge and exposed me to interesting and relevant topics in a lively, diverse environment.

During my time in the programme I have immersed myself in three major topics:

Leadership: I have learnt to coach myself to be self-aware and develop my professional plans after the successful completion of the programme. In addition, I was inspired by some of the world’s most influential and powerful global leaders in business through a range of conferences, guest speakers and networking events.

Strategy: I have refined my decision-making and strategic skills and perfected my knowledge particularly in strategy formulation and execution in a changing world. In addition to enhancing my understanding of complex strategic management topics such as corporate strategy, global strategy, strategies for growth, leading people and organisations, global corporate agenda, leading market-driven organisations, corporate governance and stakeholder relations.

Business fundamentals: I have managed to refresh my general management skills, toolkits and build new knowledge in corporate finance and accounting, supply chain management, and creativity in business.

The programme has equipped me for long-term success in an uncertain and changing world. In addition to solidifying my knowledge and refining my skills to become a truly effective global leader, I have expanded my global network by joining a diverse, multinational class of senior executives and professionals with strong world-class experience.


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