Meet our Masters in Finance Student Ambassadors

Our Masters in Finance student ambassadors represent the school with care and commitment and highlight the diversity of the class. Student ambassadors are available to be contacted to discuss various elements of the London Business School application process and student experience.

Masters in Finance Full-time Programme Student Ambassadors

Franklin Ebomah, MiFFT2024, Nigeria
“Embarking on the MiF journey at LBS represents a pivotal moment in my finance career. With over seven years of banking experience in Nigeria, I sought to elevate my expertise on a global scale. LBS’s targeted MiF programme stood out as the ideal platform for a mid-career professional like myself, promising not only advanced financial knowledge but also practical, real-world application. Living in London, at the heart of a financial hub enriched with diverse cultures, has broadened my perspectives, and furthered my ambitions. LBS’s rigorous curriculum and its emphasis on a collaborative network are shaping me into a leader poised to make a meaningful impact in emerging markets. I am committed to learning from and contributing to the LBS community as we strive to shape the future of finance globally.”

Akane Nakahara, MiFFT2024, Japan

“I have a background in private equity, fund investments, corporate banking, and international bond issuance, showcasing extensive knowledge across various financial products. Opting for a Masters in Finance at LBS reflects my commitment to achieving advanced proficiency in investments for my career growth. Beyond expertise, I am driven by a curiosity to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds. LBS, renowned for its multicultural student community, aligns perfectly with my aspiration to broaden perspectives. I thrive in dynamic environments that foster innovative thinking and look forward to contributing to and benefiting from the stimulating atmosphere at LBS.”

Henri Williams, MiFFT2024, UK

“After starting my career in Investment Research and Consultancy, I felt LBS was the ideal location to transition over to Sell-side Advisory. The appeal of the MIF programme was the excellence of the degree, coupled with the more manageable time commitment than the two-year MBA.

While holding a professional qualification, like the CFA, has been excellent for my career. It is incomparable to the impact attending LBS can have on one’s career. The calibre of my classmates, faculty, and overall experience is second to none, and I feel incredibly grateful to play a small part in the institutions continued success.”

Taesung Kim, MiFFT2024, South Korea

“I have been working at accounting firms in South Korea and the USA, including EY and KPMG. And my key responsibilities included conducting financial and IT audits for financial companies.

I decided to attend LBS, drawn by the school’s culture of diversity and inclusion, global reputation, and its one-of-a-kind post-experience finance program. I hope to pivot into investment banking, corporate finance, or ESG investing in a global financial hub like London. So, I thought LBS MiF was a perfect fit for me.”

Masters in Finance Part-time Programme Student Ambassadors:

Helen Li, MiFPT2025, China

“With six-year experience as an accounting professional in a pension fund and later a hedge fund, I believe it is a perfect time to refresh my skills in an academic-immersive environment and build up more connections in the finance industry.

LBS is my dream school given its extensive alumni network and abundant electives and career-focused events. Studying in the Masters in Finance Part-time not only allows me to keep up with the market but also apply what I learnt in class to work seamlessly.”

Christian Endros, MiFPT2025, Germany

“I chose LBS and the MIF program to expand my horizons and prepare for my next professional chapter, in which a comprehensive understanding of finance will be required. The experience has proven transformative so far, as I find myself amidst an exceptional and diverse cohort of students. I am confident that London’s dynamic business environment, the innovative curriculum, and the expansive global network at LBS will equip me with the skills and perspectives for success in an ever-evolving finance industry.”

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