Welcoming our new Sloan 2024 class!

London Business School is excited to welcome the new cohort of the Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy of 2024! It has been a long and challenging year, with various obstacles in the macro-economic environment, but this did not stop us to recruit the best Sloans within their specific industry.

The Orientation Week is at its peak time this week. Our students started their transformational journey on Monday,11th December, with some introductory and career sessions; after which, they will come back at the beginning of January to dive into the core. For some, this encounter has been the first official in-person interaction with the rest of the group at our London campus; for others, it offered the opportunity to strengthen the relationships already established during the Admits events and other social activities organized before.

The class is comprised of 49 unique and strong students. If looking at the statistics, there are 20 nationalities along with 37 different, international cities illustrated in this class, all having to relocate to London, at least for the duration of the programme. Compared to last year, the UK, US and Latin America representation has significantly risen, which ultimately adds to the diversity of the group.

The average years of work experience is 17, ranging from 12 to 25 years. Their background embodies impressive senior careers and job functions, management and leadership experience as well as academic merits – 3 of them hold a PhD qualification, 7 hold a MBA/EMBA degree and 7 are official Chartered Accountants.

There is a wide range of industries displayed, such as Consulting, Manufacturing, Healthcare Education, Technology, Film, Leisure & Sports; still, the most predominant one remains Finance with a quarter of the class size.

Last, but not the least, we are extremely pleased to welcome 17 strong women to the programme, which counts as 35%-woman representation. This is one of the highest woman percentage in the Sloan programme and we are very proud of this achievement!

Congratulations to everyone who secured a place onto our programme! The LBS community is looking forward to continuing working with you.

For more information regarding our Sloan Programme, please visit our website here.

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