MFA: Beyond the classroom

by Lucie LeFaou, Programme Manager, MFA

Having looked at what’s involved in the MFA programme itself, we now wanted to share with you what else you can expect outside of the programme curriculum. From professional clubs to interantional trips, there’s lots to get involved with to make the most out of being a part of the LBS community.

Professional and social clubs

With over 72 student-led clubs at LBS, there are lots of opportunities for students to expand their network to students and alumni from all the programmes on campus. The most popular clubs MFA students get involved with are the Finance Club, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Investment Management, Impact Consulting, Tech and Women in Business – just to name a few! Leadership positions within the student-club boards are exclusively reserved for Early Career students which allows you to really have a voice in the direction and offering of club activities.

International trips

Beginning in 2018-19, all Early Careers students will have the exciting opportunity to attend a faculty-led, fully credited Global Immersion Field Trip (GIFT) as part of their degree requirements. Early Career students’ feedback consistently lists attending a GIFT to be a high point of their time at LBS, and for the first time we are incorporating this element into the degree for all to take part. MFA 2019 students will apply in early Autumn term for placement to travel to one of the following destinations, under the following themes:

Tech and Entrepreneurship:
Silicon Valley, Beijing, or Tel Aviv

Social Impact and Innovation:
Medellin, Cape Town or Kathmandu

Trip dates and information will be posted to the website in the near future.

MFA students are also invited to join treks organised by Student clubs, provided they don’t clash with their academic classes. Popular trek destinations include Shanghai, Greece and other European countries.

International travel is not limited to school or club sponsored events. London is an international travel hub for air, train, automobile and hiking at a variety of budgets and no shortage of discounts.  Surrounded by an abundance of travel partners, students often take advantage of academic calendar breaks to explore, London, the UK, Europe and beyond. An MFA 2017 organised a trek to South Africa in December 2016, and more than 50 MFA 2018 students are spending a long weekend in the Canary Islands in May 2018.

Mentoring opportunities

Alongside the international travel, one of the advantages of the LBS graduate school environment is the access to students from the mid-career and leadership programmes on campus, in clubs, at events and in elective courses.  Casual meeting spaces are in every campus location to encourage students to engage in conversation and learn from each other. In addition, you’ll be offered two structured mentoring opportunities where you can sign up to be matched with a volunteer mentor from the LBS community. In early Autumn term, MFA students may request to be matched with a MiF or MBA student based on selected criteria (industry, geographic location, etc.). The Alumni Relations team offers another opportunity to match students with an LBS alumnus. In both cases, you’ll be encouraged to proactively engage with your mentor, hear their stories and learn from their experience.

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