Our MFA class: The student experience

by Lucie LeFaou, Programme Manager, MFA

Orientation was the first of many highlights of the Masters in Financial Analysis programme’s year.  The full-day event is the official start of the programme where Early Careers students come together in the heart of London’s financial district, to learn about the year ahead, meet the Degree Education teams supporting their student journey, hear from distinguished faculty, alumni and keynote speakers, and meet their classmates.  The Away Day, held in early September, was another highlight, when the class and the PO team leave campus for some outdoor adventures and team building activities and start working in their study groups.

Diving into the core curriculum is fast-paced and intense, and current class appreciate the leap from their undergraduate studies into the collaborative learning environment at LBS. In Spring term, all the MFA 2018 students began their elective courses, and reported enjoying learning alongside students from all LBS programmes in the same classroom.

Career Centre activities and the tireless efforts of the Career Centre team are regularly cited as a highlight of the current class’ student experience. MFA 2018 students have improved on the stellar pace of the previous class’s employment report to date with more than 75% securing internships or full-time employment upon completion of academic course work.

Above all, MFA 2018 students highlight the connections they have made while learning at LBS as their favourite part of the programme.  Whether it is through the course work, Global Immersion Field Trips (GIFTs), social events or their casual daily interactions, students value the many learning opportunities and personal growth they experience while studying for the MFA.

The Programme Office team collects feedback throughout the year in a variety of ways from one-to-one drop in sessions with a team member, organised lunches with 10-20 students, online course evaluations following every course completion, to full class interactive surveys over lunch at the end of Autumn term. We are here to guide your individual and collective student journey, and share in your success.


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