Your MiF Career Journey: Spotlight on Sector Networking Breakfasts

by Raquel Santos, Career Coach, and Jessie Zhu, Career Lead

As part of your experience as a Masters in Finance student, you’ll benefit from digital and in-person career learning experiences and ways to connect with alumni, industry professionals and career opportunities that are timely, flexible and tailored to your career goals.

Our Career Development Journey can be summarised into 5 core building blocks:

 MiF Career Development Journey

Today we’re putting a spotlight on “Connections”…

One of the key benefits to you as a student of LBS is the opportunity to network with a wide and diverse range of alumni. As a Career Centre, we facilitate this in a number of ways, one of which is hosting an intimate and informal sector-focused breakfast on campus with alumni working in sectors that students are interested in. This is a great way for current students to hear alumni’s career stories, lessons learnt from their career change journey and latest trends in the industry.

The format of the MiF Alumni Career Insights Breakfasts is usually a roundtable discussion followed by open networking. Our most recent MiF Alumni Career Insights Breakfasts were attended by alumni from:

  • Asset management – Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Petrus Advisers and Partners Group
  • Investment banking – Houlihan Lokey and Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Every opportunity is a learning opportunityMiF Networking breakfast

Each breakfast offered insights into the latest industry developments, as well as useful tips for our students on how to prepare for the recruitment process, skills required to succeed in the ever-evolving finance industry and how to stay motivated when their career path doesn’t work out as they expect.

Students walked away not only with fresh insights and new connections, but also with renewed energy to pursue their career goals with greater awareness and confidence.

Be open minded about your career path

MiF Networking breakfastA common piece of advice shared by alumni attending the recent breakfasts was to stay open minded about the path you may take after your MiF.

There are multiple pathways to get to your final goal; it may shift over time and new opportunities may present themselves. You may also need to take a stepping stone or a sideways move in the short term to fill your skill gaps in order to achieve your longer term goal. So be optimistic and open minded to these different opportunities.

This is just a sneak peek into the many networking opportunities we offer at LBS to connect and learn.


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