Your MBA Career Journey: Spotlight on Networking events

by Nathalie Calza and Patricia Keener, MBA Career Coaches 

As part of your experience as an MBA student you’ll benefit from digital and in-person career learning experiences and ways to connect with alumni, industry professionals and career opportunities that are timely, flexible and tailored to your career goals.

Our Career Development Journey can be summarised into 5 core building blocks:

MBA Career Development Journey

Today we are putting a spotlight on “Connections”…

One of the key benefits to you as a student of LBS is the opportunity to network with a wide and diverse range of alumni and employers. As a Career Centre, we facilitate this in a number of ways. Here are three examples of the opportunities open to students connect and hear more about the latest trends in the industry.

LBS Boost Your Network

LBS Boost your networkBoost Your Network is an event designed to bring together MBA alumni with both first and second year students to exchange insights, advice and expand their mutual networks.

This is what students had to say about the value of this event to them:

“I made several very interesting connections and got some tips about my planning career.”

“The intimate networking at the tables was the best part.”

“What I liked best was being able to meet alumni who all had a depth of experience in their fields.”

“The event worked perfectly for me last night. I met two Private Equity alumni just by standing near the finance table in the informal session and had an opportunity to meet two Private Equity professionals at the formal table breakout.”

“I learnt the importance of being authentic in networking, everyone has a different style, it takes time to build a network, and it’s essential to understand that it’s not a linear route and that it’s okay to take time to figure things out.”

Networking in Tech

With the growing technology and start-up scene in London we work hard to give opportunities to our students to connect with companies. Along with having large multinationals such as Amazon, Google, Uber, Expedia and Facebook come to campus to recruit for summer interns we also run two events to help students understand the start-up and growth community.

LBS Tech Networking & Recruitment EveningLBS Tech Networking and Recruitment Evening

In February, each year we run the Technology Recruitment & Networking Evening, an on-campus careers fair that allows students to connect with over 40 companies from across the tech space to discuss recruitment opportunities and projects, and to build connections. Previous employers that have attended include Monzo, Improbable, Farfetch, and Stripe.

NewCo London

NewCo LondonIn March, we run the NewCo London festival where over 40 companies open their doors to the public. The event provides a full day immersion into London’s tech and innovation ecosystem giving you the opportunity to speak to companies from across AI to Ecommerce, EdTech to FinTech, FoodTech to HealthTech, VR to Incubators, providing attendees with an experience of their workplace, culture and mission through 1-hour talks, product demos, and Q&A sessions. Companies who have hosted include Revolut, Founders factory, Entrepreneur First and HelloFresh. More details can be found here.

This is just a sample of the many networking opportunities we offer at LBS to connect and learn.


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