MiF: Our student ambassadors

by Alex Petterson, Admissions Manager, MiF

Student Ambassadors play a key role at London Business School, they can be chosen for a variety of reasons to represent the School and welcome incoming students. Our Ambassadors come from all over the world and the latest Masters in Finance (MiF) intake represents 27 different nationalities. The Student Ambassadors have a diverse range of finance experience from infrastructure to investment banking so I’m sure you will find an Ambassador with a similar background as yourself.

As an Admissions Manager I believe it’s extremely important that the incoming class get the opportunity to speak with current students and share their experiences. Incoming students are always eager to gain more information on programme content, international opportunities and the general experience of the Masters in Finance and who better to provide this info than the students actually doing the programme. Current students also want to hear from the incoming class as they’re reassured of the quality of incoming students and that their investment in the MiF continues to grow as top quality students continue to embark on the MiF.

The Ambassador programme at LBS is heavily applied for as there are many benefits that come with the role. Employers are always looking for well-rounded individuals and those who are actively involved in the LBS community and have volunteering experience can stand out. It’s also a great opportunity for Ambassadors to strengthen their network as they assist Admissions with recruitment activities and are introduced to incoming students.

Regardless of your Admission stage I strongly advise you to get in touch with a student Ambassador. By doing so you will learn more about the programme and see if London Business School is right for you! I can usually tell from an application the amount of research done by a candidate and those that reach out to current students will have a greater understanding of the MiF and the LBS community. Even if you’re in the early stages of your research, I highly recommend you to reach out to our current Student Ambassadors by clicking here.

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