Our MiF Students on choosing part-time, favourite classes and how they’re applying their learning

With recruiting for our MiF part-time August 2020 intake still in full swing, we’re speaking to prospective candidates on a daily basis. Although we try our best to answer all your questions, when it comes to the programme, really there is no one better placed to talk to than our current students. 

Nearing the end of either their first or second year, we decided to check in with our MiF Student Ambassadors and see how they’re finding the programme and reflect on how they came to the decision to join the programme. 

Why did you choose the MiF part-time programme? 

Sandra Ragues Fernandes (MiFPT2021):
“I have a leadership position and I manage a fantastic team. I didn’t want to give that away. Also, I can immediately implement what I learn at work, not only within my department but I’m also able to share my knowledge and ideas with other teams and the CFO/CEO.”  

Vartan Indjeian (MiFPT2021):
“I initially submitted my application to the MiF full-time programme but after discussing with my boss that I was also considering doing the part-time programme, he was extremely supportive of adding flexibility into my client responsibilities, and committed to helping me manage my school and work responsibilities effectively. This added support from him was the key factor that encouraged me to join the part-time programme.” 

Tim Bekenov (MiFPT2020):
“The LBS MiF programme was very flexible in terms of electives and schedule compared to others so you could take courses that do not interfere with a full-time job. I was also quite used to studying part-time having completed my CFA charter while working so I knew I would be able to manage.” 

What has been your favourite class so far? 

Vartan Indjeian (MiFPT2021):
“My favourite class so far has been a week-long Strategy for MiFs class on a block week format. The strategy class was an amazing way to take a step back and think about what makes a business successful from a perspective that is far away from just ‘the numbers’ which is what I spent most of my job focusing on. Through the projects and reading assignments we had to actively think through difficult strategic decisions that managers and business owners have to make. Spending a full week immersed in this environment was an incredible learning experience which gave me a much different perspective in how I view businesses and the decisions their owners have to make every day”. 

Michael Coombs (MiFPT2020):
“Distressed investing is my favourite class so far. The class brought together material from a number of other courses – accounting and financial analysis, investments, corporate finance, negotiation – in case format. The professors, including a Managing Partner from a distressed credit firm, really brought the syllabus to life, and brought in practitioners from all across the distressed investing landscape.” 

Samuel Weissen (MiFPT2021):
“My favourite class so far was the Managing Corporate Turnaround elective as it heavily relied on case studies and class participation and set high expectations for students to prepare for each class and to engage in the classroom. Furthermore, very relevant guest speakers that were involved in the case studies we discussed in class rounded off this experience.” 

How have you been able to apply your learning on the programme to your current work? 

Michael Coombs (MiFPT2020):
“This has been the best bit of the programme. My understanding of financial concepts has really been enhanced, and I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned to more complex, real-life situations at work – sometimes only days after lectures on the subject. I truly believe this is the greatest advantage of the part-time programme.” 

Vartan Indjeian (MiFPT2021):
“I’ve found two key advantages that have directly benefited me on my job. First, the technical knowledge gained in many of my classes has been directly beneficial in my day to day job as an auditor of Private Equity firms. Having an advanced technical knowledge base allows me to add much more value to the audits I perform, as well as to better understand the more complex aspects of my client’s operations. The second advantage is that being a student at LBS has allowed me to increase my visibility in the firm, and has been a key advantage in how I’m viewed by my peers and leadership in my company. There is a clear recognition of the prestige and value of attending LBS, which has differentiated me from my peers.” 

If you’d like to speak to any of our ambassadors about their experience of the programme or applying, they would be more than happy to answer your questions. Click through to their profiles above or visit our Ambassador page to see the full list of them. 

Interested in applying to the MiF part-time programme? Submit your CV for an informal discussion with us. 

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