My time so far on the EMBA-Global programme

The EMBA-Global programme is a unique dual-MBA run jointly by two top ranked business schools; Colombia Business School and London Business School.

It brings together diverse, high calibre, globally-focused leaders from a wide variety of nationalities and industries who learn from each other as well as from faculty, all while continuing with their careers.

We spoke with our EMBA Global 2023 student, Thiago Felippe, to hear what he has learnt so far during his first term.

Why did you decide to study the EMBA-Global at London Business School?

The programme combines three attractive points: learn from faculty from two distinguished institutions, be part of a truly global and diverse cohort, and continue to work and be able to immediately apply what you learn.

What has been your highlight of the EMBA-Global programme so far?

There are many highlights, but the level of experience and knowledge that the cohort brings in, and the rigor and depth of the material, are my personal highlights so far.

How have you been able to apply your learning from the programme in your current role?

This can become a very long answer, but I’ll highlight the leadership lessons. It’s easier to see how one can apply Regression models to one’s job, but soft skills are sometimes underrated while they can be the most impactful. I am truly amazed how much my approach and perception of myself, my company and my life has already changed.

What advice would you give to students who are preparing an application?

Be genuine and honest with yourself. You’ll get the most from the programme if you come with an open mind. But also, be sure to note that the programme is not an easy ride. No prestigious institution like LBS built its reputation by putting mediocre executives back into the market.

If you would like to learn more about the EMBA-Global programme, please visit our website.

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