October Recruitment Events

October Events Calendar

International Coffee Chats and Information Sessions

01/10/2018 Moscow Coffee Chats in Moscow
02/10/2018 Istanbul Information Session in Istanbul
03/10/2018 Istanbul Coffee Chats in Istanbul
03/10/2018 Online Webinar: How to choose the right Early Career Masters Programme
04/10/2018 Chicago Information Session in Chicago
07/10/2018 Paris Coffee Chats in Paris
08/10/2018 Paris Information Session in Paris
08/10/2018 Madrid Coffee Chats in Madrid
09/10/2018 Madrid Information Session in Madrid
09/10/2018 Zurich Information Session in Zurich
10/10/2018 Zurich Coffee Chats in Zurich
10/10/2018 Lisbon Information Session in Lisbon
10/10/2018 Abu Dhabi Coffee Chats in Abu Dhabi
11/10/2018 Lisbon Coffee Chats in Lisbon
11/10/2018 Dubai Coffee Chats in Dubai
12/10/2018 Frankfurt London Business School Reception in Frankfurt
12/10/2018 Frankfurt Coffee Chats in Frankfurt
16/10/2018 Milan Coffee Chats in Milan
17/10/2018 Milan Information Session in Milan
17/10/2018 Online Webinar: An overview of the Masters in Finance
18/10/2018 Vienna Coffee Chats in Vienna
22/10/2018 Tokyo Information Session in Tokyo
22/10/2018 Tokyo Coffee Chats in Tokyo
23/10/2018 Dubai MBA & EMBA Dubai Information Session in Dubai
24/10/2018 Online Webinar: Preparing your Round 2 MBA application
24/10/2018 Seoul Coffee Chats in Seoul
25/10/2018 Seoul Information Session in Seoul
31/10/2018 Online Webinar: GMAT vs EA: Choosing the right test for your skillset


03/10/2018 London Finance & Consulting Careers Fair at Imperial College
06/10/2018 Paris QS MBA Tour in Paris
06/10/2018 London QS World Grad School Tour in London
08/10/2018 Madrid QS MBA Tour in Madrid
09/10/2018 London Forte Forum in London
14/11/2018 Manchester The Big Careers Fair at University of Manchester
10/10/2018 Bristol The Employer Showcase at the University of Bristol
11/10/2018 Cambridge Banking and Finance Event at the University of Cambridge
12/10/2018 St Andrews University of St. Andrews Careers Fair
13/10/2018 Paris QS World Grad School Tour in Paris
13/10/2018 Frankfurt E-Fellows MBA Day in Frankfurt
13/10/2018 Oxford Oxford Careers Fair
15/10/2018 Milan QS MBA Tour in Milan
16/10/2018 Milan QS World Grad School Tour in Milan
19/10/2018 Vienna E-Fellows Master Day in Vienna
23/10/2018 Exeter University of Exeter Careers and Placement Fair
30/10/2018 London The Autumn London Graduate Fair by University of London

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For any enquiries regarding upcoming events please contact mastersevents@london.edu.


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