Panel discussion with our Global Masters in Management Student Ambassadors

By Malak Hammoud, Recruitment Manager – MiM, GMiM, MFA

If you’re interested in the Global Masters in Management programme but what to know what it’s really like studying at LBS and how our students have been finding it so far then you’re in the right place. I hosted a webinar featuring our current GMiM ambassadors Luka Laurick, Aleksandra Makarova and Giulia Galvani to share all the insider details of what it’s like being a GMiM. They answered questions related to their reasons for choosing GMiM, current learning experience, career support and much more!

Why did you choose to study your postgrad degree at LBS?

“Having done my research, it was down to two business schools for me. Based on the three criteria’s that I had; the careers support, programme content and the people – it was truly the global setting that LBS offers which made it the one for me. Meeting people that were applying to LBS and connecting with student ambassadors during my research phase and walking into a room and being able to connect with everyone, feeling that everyone wants to listen to you and are engaging with you – not just to network but to become friends! This stood out to me about the LBS community which I never found at any other school” – Aleksandra Makarova.  

“I really liked the fact that the GMiM cohort is small (only 40 students), yes we are integrated into the MiM but the thought of spending two years with a group of 40 students gives the opportunity of growing a very close bond. Also there are so many extracurricular activities to get involved in. Whatever kind of interest you may have from professional to hobbies, you can find a club for it. The clubs are a great opportunity to meet students from other programmes like MBAs as they would have industry experience in business areas you are interested in or that’s covered in the club” – Giulia Galvani.

“The biggest reason was the positive energy that I got from every interaction I had with the school. Everyone I talked to would always emphasis on how the LBS community is supportive and now that I am here I can confirm it’s the case. You will find that the social impact club here is big as it’s a reflection of what the community really care about. Another aspect was how practical the programmes are with a lot of emphasis on preparing you for the jobs that you will do upon graduating” – Luka Laurick.

Why did you decide on the GMiM over the MiM and what in particular were you looking to gain?

“The fact that the programme was two years was an important factor for me as it gives me the possibility of exposing different sectors for example, taking an internship in one sector between the first and second year and still having the chance to completely change my mind before full time work is great – especially since I didn’t have much prior work experience upon joining the programme. I also believe that having the opportunity to study one year in London and the next in Shanghai which are two cities in the heart of the western and eastern world is a unique experience. I wanted the exposed of two different academic styles allowing me to explore how business is done differently in both parts of the world” – Giulia Galvani.

“I am also very interested in Asia in general due to my previous two exchanges in Singapore and Hong Kong which is one of the reasons why the GMiM programme was appealing to me. Even without any prior exposure – if this is a part of the world you wish to explore or is aligned with your career goals then GMiM is the one for you. You’re really able to build connections with your cohort and all together travel to Shanghai and continue to explore a new setting together which I didn’t see any other programme offered” Luka Laurick.

How would you say the style of teaching is different at LBS compared to your undergrad studies?

“The teaching is different now with the online element due to the current pandemic, but if I compare it I would say it’s definitely much more hands on. Most of my undergrad degree was attending a lecture and a tutorial and then you do everything by yourself. Here it’s completely different. Lectures are long and there’s a lot more interaction between the professor and the students, and between the student themselves. You not only receive information but can share it– allowing you to absorb it much better. In terms of assessments it’s much more varied than what I was used to. You get to work more in groups, on projects, you have individual quizzes, exams and assessments with lighter weightage spread-out across the year” – Aleksandra Makarova.

“Here I found a bigger emphasis on group work and study groups. You’re assigned a study group for the first half of the year and then another for the next half of the academic year. On one had this teaches you how to collaborate with people from different cultures and nationalities and you also pick up on valuable skills which are not necessarily related to business content but more interpersonal skills which I think are long lasting and are applicable wherever you work” – Luka Laurick.

What clubs have you been involved in so far?

“Being part of a clubs Executive Committee you gain so much experience through organising events, meeting guest speakers and presenters and ensuring the events are successful – organizational skills, attention to detail, analytics and communication are useful for any career” – Aleksandra Makarova.

“A very useful tip for the prospects is to know what you want to do and be selective with your time. Once you arrive here you will find a thousand things to get involved in – but you need to know how to manage your time. I joined the Impact Consulting club and the Social Impact club as I have a strong interest in the sector in terms of postgraduate career and I’ve been pleasantly surprised as to how active these clubs have been” – Giulia Galvani.

“You don’t have to join a club in an executive position to be involved in the club, for example we now have career week which means we don’t have lectures therefore there’s a lot of stuff going on campus that are organized by clubs. I applied for a Trek from the Tech and Media club which means we currently having a lot of presentations and workshops from companies like Google, LinkedIn and Square – you get a lot of exposure from people from within the industry. It’s an opportunity to talk and network with them. Through the clubs you get to meet interesting students on the MBA and MiF programme and work with people who have worked at the likes of McKenzie and Goldman Sachs. It’s a valuable opportunity to learn from them and expand your network with people that are more experienced” – Luka Laurick.

To hear the full webinar including what the ambassadors had to say about the work load, Career Centre support and much more, you can listen to the full webinar here.

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