Panel with our second year GMiM students

By Alex Hurd, MiM & GMiM Student Recruitment Associate

In this second of three installments covering the recent Global Masters in Management (GMiM) webinars, we held a panel with our GMiM second year students to hear more about their experience and why LBS was their top choice.

This webinar covered:

  • Introducing the second year GMiM students
  • Why they chose the GMiM and why LBS specifically
  • Insights into the GMiM second year student experience
  • Community and club involvement
  • Careers support
  • Application process and tips

After our students introduced themselves and why they chose the GMiM programme we discussed more about their experiences.

How would you describe the LBS experience and community?

Dominik Bründler MiM2020/GMiM2021
One word that is used by everyone is “diversity” and it’s so true, the cohort is incredibly diverse. You do a lot of group work and it means you get the opportunity to work with people with different strengths and who come from different countries, which I think is a great learning experience. The cohort is also super fun; it sounds a bit funny but it’s like a big family.

Vishesh Bhuptani MiM2020/GMiM2021
I 100% agree with what Dominik said, it feels like a big family and you settle into LBS very easily. Another thing I would like to add is the amount of networking you get to do. You get to meet people from so many diverse backgrounds, and I don’t just mean meeting people in the MiM or GMiM cohorts; you have a lot of chances to meet people from different programmes. There are always events going on where you get to meet people from industry and hear about their experiences and learn from them too.

What did a typical week look like in your first and second terms?

Dominik Bründler MiM2020/GMiM2021
I believe that we had 4 to 5 classes a week with a class for Chinese too. For me, it was a different experience to when I did my undergraduate degree because I was used to a system where you had semesters that get more intense towards exams. At LBS you have weekly assignments which keep you busy within each term. The terms are also much shorter so you usually have 5 to 10 weeks per subject and then you have exams before moving onto another subject. This makes the typical week different depending on where you are in the term. Sometimes it’s quite an intense workload because of group projects and upcoming exams, but after exams you usually have one or two weeks which are a bit more free, so this is the time that a lot of people go out and attend events.

Vishesh Bhuptani MiM2020/GMiM2021
You will have a lot of things to do even outside of the classroom. At LBS, the amount of learning that you do in the classroom will almost be equal to the learning you can do outside the classroom, and you will be in London so you will want to explore that too. In the earlier months of the programme there will be career events and club events so a lot of things will be going on simultaneously so you will have to manage your time, because as Domink said, the group assignments and weekly assignments do take up a lot of time. If you keep your priorities clear I think you will be able to get through it pretty easily.

Watch the full webinar below to hear more about their experience’s so far and why they chose the GMiM at LBS.

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