Meet our GMiM Ambassadors

By Malak Hammoud, Recruitment Manager – MiM & GMiM

In this first of three installments covering the recent Global Masters in Management (GMiM) webinars, we introduce a panel of our GMiM Ambassadors who answered questions that come up time and again for those in the application process or thinking of applying to the GMiM programme.

This webinar covered:

  • Introducing the Student Ambassadors
  • Why they chose the GMiM and why LBS specifically
  • Insights into the student experience
  • Community and club involvement
  • Careers support
  • Application process and tips

After an introduction from each ambassador we jumped straight into questions.

Why did you decide to study your postgraduate degree at LBS? Why did you favour us over other schools?

Aleksandra Makarova GMiM2022
At a certain level I just knew it was a gut feeling for me that I knew I would be happy here and it hasn’t disappointed in any way.

It’s incredible how personal the approach is from the Career Centre. We get different types of coaching, and if you’re not sure what career you want to do then they help you figure it out – there’s just so much support that it felt like a huge advantage.

Giulia Galvani GMiM2021
I had one thousand rational reasons for wanting to come to LBS but it came down to a gut feeling. I think what really made a difference was the number of extracurricular activities; whatever kind of interest you have, you can always find a club that covers that.

What was your involvement in the student clubs? What have you gained from these clubs so far?

Luka Laurick GMiM2022
I’m involved in the Football Club but I’m also part of the Impact Consulting Club. I’m currently working on a project on reusable cups and how we can increase the adoption of these cups. I’ve really enjoyed following my interests.

Aleksandra Makarova GMiM2022
I’m on the exco of the Finance Club and the Women in Business Club. Being in these positions means you can gain so much experience; for the Finance Club we are organising so many events, and I get to meet all the people who are presenting at these events and talk to them and figure out how to make sure everyone enjoys it and gets the most out of it. I think it’s a huge skill and it will help your career later on.

Watch the full webinar below to hear more about their experience’s so far and why they chose the GMiM at LBS.

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