Partners and family: The shared community at LBS

by Freya Evans, Recruitment Coordinator, Leadership Programmes

For our EMBA London & EMBA-Global students, balancing work, study and family life is a commitment.

Sometimes, families grow alongside your transformational EMBA journey…. Life happens!

Our London Business School community is one for life and therefore we actively encourage partners and families to be involved.

The Partners Club

Further to the Programme learning and professional networking opportunities is our Partners Club. The Partners Club- run by partners for partners- offers a platform to meet like-minded people. Students can register their loved ones for the Partners Card: so you both can enjoy free entry to campus social and learning events.

This further ensures that your partner has life-long (and free of cost) access to our LBS facilities, including the campus cafes, swimming pool, gym and treatment centre (Nuffield Health) and library services (24 hours, 7 days a week). This community it supported by social media groups- specialising in themes from relocating (house hunting and visas), school searching to London life.

Student Support

Alongside studying, the EMBA Programme Team very much supports family involvement. To start off each term, on the first Friday students and their families are invited to a drinks reception. The Programmes Team also play an active role in informing students about the benefits available to partners and upcoming events organised within the wider school to participate in during the EMBA and Sloan journey.

“…We feel (it is) important they are involved in the learning journey their partners are about to embark on.”
– Yolanda Ignacio (Programmes Manager, EMBA London)

If the Programmes Team are aware of any student struggling to balance family, work and study commitments: students are referred to our School counselling services, offering confidential advice and support.

Student Community

Within the class, the elected EMBA ‘Social Reps’ organise gathering after class where many students are encouraged to bring their partners to bowling, darts, club nights, Garden Parties- or the weekly Sundowners celebration!

You can browse the range of the social groups (sports, social and regional) and international treks that are available for current students to invite partners to.

Find further support on relocating to the UK here.

In the Admissions and Recruitment Team, we’re happy to introduce you to previous EMBA students to discuss how they managed their work-life balance during the programme. Or please feel free to contact us to arrange a campus tour with your family.

We look forward to welcoming you to the LBS community!

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