Reflecting on my first term on the MiM


By Wanda Novakova, MiM2022

Hi everyone, my name is Wanda, and I’m a current Masters in Management (MiM) student at LBS. My first term at LBS absolutely flew by, and I’m happy to share some of my highlights here with you!


My first term was split into two parts with a short break in the middle. The first half-term modules consisted of accounting, finance, and data analytics. Coming from a non-quantitative background, these courses helped to extend my knowledge considerably and while it might have been a challenge at times, I particularly enjoyed seeing my progress in real time.

The second half-term consisted of marketing, strategy and microeconomics. I will always be grateful for just how much effort each professor put into making the courses interactive, challenging but also rewarding. For example, in my strategy class, we prepared suggestions to real-life cases, and were critiqued on a logical argument rather than one right answer, which is found —

All coupled with group projects based on practical analyses often present in one’s day-to-day future professional career, ensured an all-encompassing first-term experience that instilled in me a strong “get it done” attitude and a solid approach to solving problems.

LBS Community

While hearing about the LBS international and collaborative culture might begin to sound like a cliché after a while, I can only attest that it’s as great as it sounds! So far, I’ve never been a part of a community that is more task-focused while maintaining a positive attitude, calmness, and an open mind.

Being at LBS requires a lot of work and might bring along some challenging times. Precisely in these moments it’s more important than ever that you have a group of friends, classmates, and faculty around generally happy to help you with anything you need. At LBS, sharing is the standard of the day that you can count on. You can often see students preparing one another for an interview for the same positions or explaining academic concepts.

Moreover, as everyone is from somewhere else, and many of us are a mixture of everything you can imagine, you learn to think globally very quickly, which is a useful skill to carry in the increasingly interconnected world!

Extra-curricular activities & careers

Do you feel passionate about tech, sailing or even food? At LBS, there’s a club for virtually everything. Personally, being a part of the consulting and DACH club has allowed me to deepen my expertise professionally and geographically. Most importantly, it allowed me to connect and spend time with some awesome people from both clubs.

LBS is also famous for its Thursday-night Sundowners. This is a wonderful opportunity to grab a pint, meet students from other programmes and genuinely have a lovely time. A large part of the LBS experience comes from cross-programme interactions and Sundowners is for sure a good place to start.

How could I forget to mention our amazing Careers Centre? Never. In fact, did you know your interaction with the Careers Centre begins before you even arrive at LBS? From having your CV regularly checked, to getting career advice, the Careers Centre goes above and beyond to make sure you leave LBS with a job that suits you and your abilities and what you love. Coming to LBS still wondering about what it is you want to do can be daunting, as many students here seem to have it all figured out. In my case, the Careers Centre did a wonderful job in taking the time to explore my capabilities and interests with me and to connect me to alumni I could discuss my plans with further.

Oh, the lovely London

Last but not least, the L in LBS means a lot! Being in London is beyond exciting and no day is the same. The city is full of lovely experiences waiting for you to discover. My personal favourite during the weekend is to take a walk in Hyde Park, stop at Kensington for coffee (and something sweet, of course), visit one of London’s wonderful museums and end the night with a few friends somewhere in Soho or East London! The possibilities are limitless, so go make the best of them.

Being a student here at LBS has been an absolute blast. I’m very grateful for the friends I’ve made, the courses that expanded my knowledge and the lovely faculty I got to interact with.

Feel free to reach out in case of any further questions!

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