Reflections on my first term at LBS: Masters in Finance – Nouran El Morally, MIFFT2024

You CAN do it all by Nouran El Morally, MIFFT2024

Ah, the glamorous life of a Masters in Finance student – stress, breakdowns, and dreams of an epic end of year party. So, let me spill the tea on how I’ve redefined “you can do it all” at LBS, and trust me, it involves some serious life lessons.

Picture this: Day one, orientation week. They hit us with the reality check – you can’t do it all. Challenge accepted, I thought. Academics, recruitment, social life, and clubs? Easy. Until, of course, the first exam round hit, and I found myself having a meltdown on the first floor of the Sammy Ofer Centre.

Now, I’m not here to rant. This is my candid take on making the best out of my experience at LBS and maybe helping you out too.

Lesson 1:

Prioritize. Before the chaos ensues, ask yourself, “What do I really want from this LBS adventure?” Whether it’s landing that dream job or dominating Sundowners on a Thursday night, decide your priorities. It makes saying “No” a breeze and keeps you from turning into a human pretzel.

Lesson 2:

Organisation is the hero we all need. My calendar? It’s basically my lifeline. Blocking out time for everything, from hitting the LBS gym to those all-important study sessions, has been my mental health superhero. Plan your week ahead, and you’ll feel like a wizard juggling tasks.

Lesson 3:

Find your support system and protect your sanity. We’re all in this sea of newness together, feeling a bit like lost puppies. Build a support group, the kind you can call in the middle of a crisis, has been my secret weapon.

Lesson 4:

It’s totally okay to change direction. I entered LBS with a fixed career plan, only to realize it wasn’t for me. Thanks to LBS’s amazing Career Centre, I made a U-turn, redefined my path, and was back on track. Note to self and others: Embrace detours; they might lead to your true destination. Big shout out to LBS for being my compass in career chaos!

After my meltdown, I pulled myself together. I rejigged my focus, embraced the art of planning, and most crucially, looked after my mental health. LBS provides us with an ocean of resources, that may seem overwhelming but to truly make use of it all, you’ve got to redefine what “all” means to you. Choose the resources that fit your individuality.

So, my fellow academic warriors, YOU CAN DO IT ALL – just make sure your version of “all” is the real deal for you.

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