Navigating a Fulfilling Masters in Finance Journey by Maudy Halim, MIFFT2024

As my first intense, enriching term at LBS’s Masters in Finance (MiF) program draws to a close, I’m grateful for the immense personal and professional growth I’ve undergone these past few months. While the rigorous academics have tested me, the community and opportunities make all the late nights and long group meetings worthwhile.

One major highlight has been the chance to live and study in London – this vibrant city full of diverse neighbourhoods and cultures. Attending classes in our campuses right near Regent’s Park, then walking through the golden leaves in autumn, grabbing dinner and trying new cuisines with friends in hip Oxford Street or relaxing over drinks in the Dilly area brings constant energy. And with LBS’s prime location, exploring is easy during free time. The other major highlight is that as a central banker, I could say that I learned finance from a regulatory perspective, which differs from the market-focused standpoint shared by most of my classmates from private institutions. Our classroom discussions merging these viewpoints have enlightened me.

Campus life has brought heavy workloads but also close camaraderie. My core classes like Investment, Corporate Finance, and Financial Accounting are certainly demanding, though I appreciate the practical, case-based approach. Group projects and exam weeks mean late nights in the LBS study rooms. Yet, tackling these challenges together forges strong bonds – like during a recent all-nighter crunching finance and accounting formulas while we shared food and encouragement.

Beyond classroom, I stay connected through the gym, badminton club and the diverse array of societies. The diverse array of clubs and societies at LBS has been instrumental in enhancing the overall experience. Whether it’s the club events, skill-building workshops or cultural exchanges, these student groups enhance the experience beyond the classroom by facilitating collaboration and community.

While this MIF program moves rapidly, I’ve cherished what I’ve learned so far. From polishing Excel modelling skills in valuations to better grasping global markets in investment portfolio diversification, I’ve built hard skills. Equally importantly, I’ve developed leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. And with career coaching, I’ve been enlightened to focus on certain finance areas post-MiF.

As an intense first term wraps up, I’m proud of my progress – both academic and personal growth. I’m fortunate for this opportunity to stretch myself each day alongside bright, ambitious peers in one of the top global finance hubs. And I’m excited to see what next term brings!

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