Reflections on my first term at LBS: MBA – Surabhi Mitra, MBA2025

By Surabhi Mitra, MBA2025

On the 14th of August, we found ourselves at the Queen Elizabeth Centre, engrossed in Orientation activities, connecting with our new peers, and contemplating the adventure that lay ahead. It feels like ages ago when our MBA Programme Director, Helen Foley, flashed a slide indicating that ONLY 712 days remained until graduation. Back then, it felt like we were standing at the edge of an endless expanse of time, but in the blink of an eye, here we are, having effortlessly sailed through four lively months!

From the spirited Welcome Barbeque held in the Front Lawns in August to the Winter Celebration held last week, the past four months have been a rollercoaster of forging friendships, immersing ourselves in academics, revelling in club festivals, and experiencing unforgettable parties. Through Taco Sundays to Soju nights, the common thread weaving through all these experiences has been the incredible diversity of my classmates, hailing from various corners of the world and pursuing diverse career paths, deepening our bonds.

Before joining LBS, I led an affordable fertility clinic in India, confident in my understanding of business operations. However, immersing myself in Daniel Effron’s module of “Perspectives of Business Ethics”, prompted a critical re-evaluation, leading to a comprehensive reconsideration of my previous business decisions. The introduction to Managerial Accounting shattered preconceptions around accounting being driven by the rule book, which reemphasized on the dynamic nature of the business world. The core courses offered in Term 1 were intellectually stimulating, providing us with valuable tools for successfully managing different aspects of a business.

In addition to academics, LBS boasts a vibrant club culture where students unite around shared passions. As an advocate for making healthcare affordable and accessible to all, I’ve had the privilege of taking on leadership roles in the Healthcare Club and LBS’s inaugural Student Philanthropy Council (SPC). I am eagerly anticipating the organization of LBS’s next Annual Healthcare Conference, a two-day event featuring industry veterans. Meeting Campaign Leadership Member Piers Lindsay-Fynn as part of the SPC’s introductory event reinforced the school’s deep commitments in areas of scholarships, research, and innovation through its Forever Forward campaign—one that I feel deeply gratifying to be a part of in LBS’s legacy.

Looking back on the preceding four months, a deep sense of appreciation and warmth fills me as I contemplate the impact of my career coach, Gerry Jennings. Career coaches at LBS offer invaluable professional guidance, aiding in the identification of career passions, and adeptly navigating the MBA journey.

The past months have also unveiled a plethora of opportunities for the entrepreneurs among us at LBS, addressing their needs at different stages of their startup journeys. The Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital (IEPC) offers diverse resources, including Hackathons, an Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence, and an Incubator program. The mentorship program has been particularly useful to help me shape the future of my fertility clinic, grow and scale up my business and seek funding opportunities. The “Entrepreneur’s Journey” Talk Series was extremely insightful to cover a broad spectrum of topics such as “Legal 101” and “Founders and Mental Health”, and meeting folks like Ambarish Mitra were very enriching experiences.

My LBS journey is characterized by my community—a tight-knit support system amidst a packed schedule. Whether it’s through my study group, with mates from 6 different nationalities, the student well-being team conducting comforting sessions like “sound baths,” or in friends who have been the backbone of this experience, I’ve found my tribe. From dancing at La Pollera, to savouring “Afternoon Tea” at the British Museum like a true Londoner, these moments define my LBS experience.

As I look ahead to the next phase of this MBA adventure, the support and camaraderie found at LBS assure me that the journey ahead is as promising as the one behind. If you’re contemplating London Business School’s MBA program, don’t hesitate to reach out at, and I’d be delighted to connect.

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