Considering applying to one of our programmes? Interested in finding out more about the LBS experience? We have a whole host of events this month, all happening virtually, to give you some insight into studying at London Business School.

Early Career Open Day 04/09/2021
Bright Network Festival06/09/2021 – 07/09/2021
Q&A with the Early Career Recruitment and Admissions Team07/09/2021
STEM Women: UK Financial Services Industry Event07/09/2021
Women Leading at LBS07/09/2021
Exploring the Executive MBA Programme08/09/2021
MBA Overview10/09/2021
Preparing a Strong Early Career Application for Round 114/09/2021
Masters in Finance: In Conversation with MiF Students14/09/2021
Introduction to the Executive MBA programmes: EMBA London and EMBA-Global15/09/2021
Highlight on the MAM: A panel discussion with our MAM alumni16/09/2021
MBA Overview 17/09/2021
NSAC Conference 202118/09/2021
Masters in Finance Open Day18/09/2021
Bright Network – Women in Leadership20/09/2021 – 21/09/2021
Q&A with the Early Career Recruitment and Admissions Team21/09/2021
The Executive MBA Experience: EMBA London and EMBA Global22/09/2021
Forte MBA Forum (Focus on UK/EU)23/09/2021
MBA Overview 24/09/2021
Women in Finance (MFA and MiF) 24/09/2021
Masters in Finance Alumni Interview Series – UK and EU 27/09/2021
EMBA Portfolio: Panel with alumni in Oil and Gas 28/09/2021
Scholarships and Funding for the Early Career Programmes 28/09/2021
STEM Women: London STEM Careers Event 29/09/2021
QS Virtual Connect MBA: USA West16/09/2021
QS Virtual Connect MBA: New York 25/09/2021
Amsterdam MBA Fair – Ivy Circle Netherlands16/09/2021
QS Virtual Connect Masters: Turkey18/09/2021
QS Virtual Connect MBA: Italy 30/09/2021
Women in Business: East Asia Focus09/09/2021

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