September Recruitment Events

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International Coffee Chats and Information Sessions

01/09/2018 Kuala Lumpur Coffee Chats in Kuala Lumpur
03/09/2018 Singapore Information Session in Singapore
03/09/2018 Beijing Information Session in Beijing
03/09/2018 Beijing Coffee Chats in Beijing
04/09/2018 Tel Aviv London Business School Reception in Tel Aviv
04/09/2018 Shanghai Information Session in Shanghai
05/09/2018 Jakarta Coffee Chats in Jakarta
05/09/2018 Shanghai Coffee Chats in Shanghai
06/09/2018 Hong Kong Information Session in Hong Kong
06/09/2018 Hong Kong Information Session in Hong Kong (Early Career Programmes)
07/09/2018 Hong Kong Coffee Chats in Hong Kong
08/09/2018 Taipei Information Session in Taipei
08/09/2018 Taipei Coffee Chats in Taipei
12/09/2018 Washington DC Information Session in Washington DC
12/09/2018 Abu Dhabi Coffee Chats in Abu Dhabi
12/09/2018 Washington DC Coffee Chats in Washington DC
13/09/2018 Dubai Coffee Chats in Dubai
14/09/2018 New York Admissions Workshop in New York
15/09/2018 Mexico City Information Session in Mexico City
17/09/2018 New York London Business School Reception in New York
17/09/2018 Bogota Information Session in Bogota
17/09/2018 Bogota Coffee Chats in Bogota
17/09/2018 New York Coffee Chats in New York
18/09/2018 Munich Information Session in Munich
19/09/2018 Muscat Coffee Chats in Muscat
19/09/2018 London Sloan Reception in London
20/09/2018 Lima Information Session in Lima
20/09/2018 Amsterdam Coffee Chats in Amsterdam
20/09/2018 Lima Coffee Chats in Lima
21/09/2018 Brussels Coffee Chats in Brussels
21/09/2018 Copenhagen Coffee Chats in Copenhagen
24/09/2018 Santiago Information Session in Santiago
24/09/2018 Santiago Coffee Chats in Santiago
24/09/2018 Milan Coffee Chats in Milan
26/09/2018 Sao Paulo Information Session in Sao Paulo
26/09/2018 Cairo Coffee Chats in Cairo
26/09/2018 Sao Paulo Coffee Chats in Sao Paulo


07/09/2018 London Bright Network Festival
13/09/2018 Washington DC QS World MBA Tour in Washington DC
15/09/2018 New York QS World MBA Tour in New York
17/09/2018 Munich MBA2U in Munich
20/09/2018 Amsterdam Amsterdam MBA Fair 2018
20 – 22/09/2018 London ODSC Europe Career Fair
22/09/2018 Brussels MBA2U in Brussels
22/09/2018 Dubai QS World MBA Tour in Dubai
24/09/2018 Milan MBA2U in Milan
29/09/2018 London QS MBA Tour in London

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