The MiF and my Career: Marcial Pacheo Domit (MiF FT2020)

A large part of why many people choose to undertake a Masters is because they have a strong motivation to really drive forward in their career. So how exactly does the Masters in Finance (MiF) Full-time help you achieve this? We spoke with Marcial Pacheco Domit (MiF FT2020) to find out.

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What were your motivations for joining the MiF programme?

I wanted to make a change in my career and establish a long-term career in Europe. The best way to accelerate my career was to study the MiF at LBS. I reviewed numerous universities across the world and definitely LBS was by far the best option, as it offers the #1 Masters in Finance, and London is one of the principal financial hubs of the world. The courses offered by LBS were optimal to structure my career and pursue my long-term goal. As my background was finance and economy and I had a clear view of what courses I wanted to take and the career I wanted to pursue, the MiF was, without a doubt, the right programme for me. 

What impact has the MiF had on your career?

I have been working in London at a Consulting firm for almost a year, without LBS I would not be here; so there is no way to quantify the impact the MiF has had on me and my career.

How did the Career Centre support you in achieving your career goals?

It helped me a lot! One of the most helpful things is the support to adjust your CVs and cover letters, as this can be something new for students of some countries and difficult to understand what UK’s recruiters are looking for. In addition to this, all the career sessions and mock interviews are incredibly valuable, they give you the experience needed when having real interviews.

What was the most useful Career Centre resource?

It is difficult to choose only one resource! But, the supply of jobs in Career Centre is out of this world. In addition, all the sessions with LBS specialists like Marcelle were of immense help in order for me to secure a job in London.

How have you used the LBS network to benefit your career?

It is amazing the network that I have created throughout the MiF. I have a very good relationship with my peers, and having conversations with them is always enriching for me. I’m sure that these connections will help me significantly in the future.

What is your top piece of advice to those considering the MiF programme?

That you shouldn’t hesitate! You will not regret choosing the MiF at LBS. The courses are amazing, with expert professors and great material. And the network you will create is unparalleled. The vibes from the LBS community are just different, you simply know that you are part of the top finance programme in the world.

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