The value of the MiM

By Alex Hurd, MiM & GMiM Student Recruitment Associate

When applying to LBS, the reputation, impressive networking and career opportunities are probably front of mind. But what exactly do you study when you are here? I am going to look deeper into the highlights of the MiM that make your time in the heart of London so rewarding on both a personal and professional level.


By joining LBS, you gain access to a world class faculty who are at the forefront of global business research and innovation.

For example, there’s Hélène Rey, Professor of Economics, who teaches the Global Macroeconomy course in term two. Hélène is highly regarded in the field and has published journals and won many prestigious awards for her work. Back in January, she was having discussions with world leaders at the World Economic forum in Switzerland before flying back to teach on campus.

Another example of our outstanding faculty is Kostis Christodoulou, who teaches the Data Analytics and Decision, Risk analysis courses in term one and two. He matches his PhD level academia with professional experience that ranges from working as a CFO and investor in entrepreneurial companies, to sitting on the board of the Greek Energy regulator from 2007 to 2009. Kostis has also contributed extensively to research with his main focus being in regulation, big data and decision making. His work has even been published in Telecommunications Policy.

Programme Content

At LBS, learning is not simply about textbooks and theory. We focus on keeping you engaged with guest speakers, business simulations and case studies. Outside the classroom things get even more interesting with an emphasis experiential learning. You get the chance to visit one of six culturally varied destinations with our Global Immersion Field Trip (GIFT.) You will also be expected to throw yourself into a 10-week London real business challenge with our LondonLab project.

GIFT – Global Immersion Field Trip

Often cited as one of the highlights of the programme by our students, you get to pick from six complex real-world locations. The aim of the trip is to further your global awareness and pre-conceptions of what doing business in other parts of the world is really like. The faculty trips are divided into two focus areas that are prevalent in business today. You can pick to be involved in a trip that focusses on innovation and impact or have a basis in technology and entrepreneurship.

You will be expected to help clients with pressing business challenges. We take the attitude that no company is too big or too small and you could be allocated anything from a larger non-profit company right down to a smaller individual business. For example, on the recent Cape Town GIFT one group had the challenge of supporting a stall owner whose business model was recycling old tires to make flip flips. If this seems quite daunting, do not worry as throughout the trip you will be supported with mentorship from faculty and staff. The trip also gives you the chance to attend presentations and networking events at the companies in the city you choose to visit.   


The LondonLab runs at the back end of your time at LBS usually starting in April for 10 weeks. LondonLab truly is a hands-on learning experience that focusses on three key areas: new markets and products, responding to and managing change and improving performance and growing market share. Again, our faculty will be in support in the form of consultations and will give you advice on how to handle clients. You will be given access to senior team members and their companies’ data and you will be building on all of the skills developed in your LBS studies to contribute to the success of a real business project. This will develop key skills in areas such as how to deal with clients, problem solve and handle data analytics.

Career Centre Support

After developing your business skills at LBS there is of course one final goal – a job after graduation. Our Career Centre is here to support you during your studies and afterwards too. They will help explore career opportunities which make sense for your skill set but also will explore areas that you are passionate about. The main aim is to get you ready for the competitive recruitment processes and help you secure a role you really want.

You will be given access to our Career Central hub. There will be job advertisements, networking events and workshops. The team also offer services including how to make your CV stronger, 1-1 career coaching and guidance on interview preparation. They also have experts across the different sectors so you will be advised by staff who have experience and know how each of the sectors work. On the other side, there also is large employer engagement team that build up relationships with employers across the many sectors to curate different networking events from large career fayres down to smaller company presentations.

So what are you waiting for?

We are here to support you through your MiM journey. Get in touch with the Recruitment team today and arrange for a consultation.

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