Virtual admissions process for Executive MBA

By Elena Aldea, Recruitment and Admissions Officer, Leadership Programmes

Given the worldwide pandemic we are all having to deal with, everyone has had to make adjustments to their day to day lives on both a personal and professional level. Similarly, here at LBS, we’ve also adjusted the way in which we work.

For the Executive MBA (EMBA) London programme, our admissions process which used to take place both online and face-to-face is now all online. This has been done to ensure that you are still provided with a smart and seamless admissions journey, with as minimal impact as possible.

Our current admissions process is:

1. Complete the online application: 1-2 page CV, an application form, two essay questions, one reference and any professional and/or academic qualifications you can provide us with. 

2. Once submitted, we will review your application and be in touch as to whether we’ll be moving your application forward.

3. If successful, you will be requested to take the Kira video assessment. Kira is an online-video component made of three pre-recorded questions that test you in the traits that make up an EMBA candidate.

4. Upon completion, you will then be invited for an online interview. Your interview with either be with the Admissions Committee or one of our EMBA alumni. All candidates are required to have their webcam on for the whole duration of the interview to make the interaction between the applicant and the interviewer as transparent as possible.

5. If successful at this stage, you will either receive an unconditional offer or a conditional offer:

  • With an unconditional offer, you will receive your offer pack online via Docusign, which you can sign digitally. And the commitment fee can be transferred through a bank transfer or we can put you in touch with our accounts team.
  • If your offer is a conditional offer, you will be asked to meet your conditions within one or two weeks, depending on the requirements and where we are in the admissions cycle.

Events that we used to run for our prospects, applicants and new students are now all delivered online. Our events team frequently runs webinars on various topics that are both programme and admissions related, such as ‘How to submit a strong application’, ‘How the Career Centre supports EMBA students’ or ‘Life post-EMBA’ – all of which are followed by a Q&A giving our attendees the chance to ask any questions they may have. Find our upcoming events here.

Similarly, as our new class size grows the admissions team also organises several networking events for the new students in order to give them the chance to meet their classmates before the start of the programme.

Carolina Simasco, one of our recent students shared her thoughts on the enrolment process with us:

The shift to applying for an EMBA online opened doors for people like me who aspired for a world-class education but were apprehensive about the costs of travel and the outcome of the selection process.

London Business School stood out through its seamless online onboarding journey that was key in my decision making. Many business schools were facing challenges to cope with the transition however the interaction with LBS admissions team was prompt, personal, and very supportive. The process was easy, and guidance was provided at every step. I was able to reach out to the programme officers and clarify any doubts I had.”

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