Welcoming the Sloan class of 2021

By Ashley Curry, Admissions Manager Sloan & EMBA-Global Programmes

We are pleased to welcome the newest edition to our LBS family, the Sloan class of 2021!

We recently welcomed 55 students, who kicked off their LBS Sloan programme with Orientation on 7 January. Orientation week proved a success amongst our latest cohort with over 90% of the group reporting high satisfaction with the experience. I am delighted with our latest intake and thought it was worth sharing some stats on how this class is made up. 

2021 Class profile

Among the class of 55 students, we have 22 Nationalities represented with many students from India, Brazil, Japan and Europe. In addition, we are pleased to have representation from Belgium, Congo, France, Egypt, Italy, Serbia, Zimbabwe and Nepal.

The number of women on the programme is 22%. We have 12 strong women coming from:, China, Nigeria, Morocco, Russia, India, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the U.K.

Year on year our Sloan class has an average of 18 years of experience, with this year boasting 18.9. The seniority represented in the class is a feature unique to the LBS Sloan programme, and one we are very proud of. Although we do accept candidates with 12-15 years, these candidates are exceptional in terms of leadership experience, academic excellence, and responsibility held in previous roles.

The spread of industries is very broad this year, though finance still dominates the group at 25%. We welcome students from the Defence and Military services, the Travel and Tourism sector, Higher Education and Legal services.

Some notable companies represented are Morgan Stanley, PepsiCo, O2, PWC, McKinsey, SAP America, Marriott International and Microsoft.

Among the many job functions, many bring experience from General Manager, Consultant and Executive Director roles.

One of the most impressive features of the class of 2021 is that close to 60% of them hold a postgraduate qualification already. In addition, four of them hold a Ph.D. and 4 a Doctorate.

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