Meet our GMiM Alumni

By Giulia Galvani, GMiM2021 and Aleksandra Makarova, GMiM2022

In this second of three installments covering the recent Global Masters in Management (GMiM) webinars, we held a panel with our GMiM alumni to hear more about their experiences and careers after LBS.

This webinar covered:

  • Introducing the GMiM alumni
  • Why they chose the GMiM and why LBS specifically
  • Insights on their 2nd year experience between LBS and Fudan
  • Community and club highlights
  • Career impact
  • Application process and tips

Our alumni gave some really valuable insight into their experience at LBS.

What impact would you say the global alumni community had on your experience; through the application process, as a student and now as an alum?

Chiara Mantovani, GMiM2017
As soon as I got to London I got to meet various alumni via the career events. There is such a strong sense of alumni community that not only takes place while you’re on campus but one that continues for a long time. Even at my current company we have an LBS alumni group that I founded, so it’s pretty cool that people want to be a part of it. It’s not just where you studied, it’s where you still feel like you belong, so the community is very strong.

Olympe Gonet, GMiM2018
A big differentiator of LBS versus all the other graduate schools is the alumni community and it’s such a tight network. You’re always encouraged to ask questions of other alumni and I always get a response, even from senior people.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of applying, or currently applying to LBS?

Olympe Gonet, GMiM2018
Definitely talk about Asia, China and Fudan. Obviously talk about LBS as well, but it’s important to highlight why you are interested in the GMiM as opposed to the MiM. If you’re interested in getting to know Asian culture and business then the GMiM is definitely the programme for you.

Chiara Mantovani, GMiM2017
I would agree, you have to definitely highlight why you want to be a part of the GMiM, so making sure in the application, in your cover letter, in your interview you explain very thoroughly why Asia. It’s a smaller group, so of course it’s quite selective, but if you stand out as having strong reasons as to why you think Asia is a good place for you to learn and grow, and why a 2 year programme is better for you than a 1 year programme, then those are all helpful points to mention.

Watch the full webinar below to hear more about their experience’s so far and why they chose the GMiM at LBS.

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