Wheeler Institute – Rethinking Capitalism series invites Oded Galor

We are delighted to welcome Professor Oded Galor, Herbert Goldberger Professor of Economics at Brown University, for the fifth event of our ‘Rethinking Capitalism’ series. Building on his recent book The Journey of Humanity, the event will delve into the origins of comparative development and emergence of vast and persistent inequalities across countries, regions and groups.

Date and time: Wednesday 15 June, 6:00pm – 7:15pm (refreshments starting at 5.30pm, event commencing at 6.00pm)

Location: Sammy Ofer Centre London Business School, Old Marylebone Town Hall, LT 15, 97-113 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5PT

Virtual audience: via zoom

Click here to register for the event, we welcome your attendance in person or via zoom.

The fifth event in the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development’s flagship Rethinking Capitalism series will focus on the deep origins of comparative development and the emergence of vast and persistent inequalities across countries, regions, and groups. Despite the remarkable transformations in China, Asia, and more recently Africa, in the past decade, capitalism and globalization have come alongside large inequalities in income, wealth, education, and opportunity that have proven to be destabilizing for nation states and international organizations.

Drawing on decade long research on the deep origins of comparative development, summarized eloquently in Professor Oded Galor’s recent book, The Journey of Humanity, he connects the remarkable journey of humankind since its exodus from Africa, the agricultural revolution, the transition to the modern epoch of growth after the Columbian exchange, and the industrial revolution to today’s interconnected economy, defined by growth and inequality. Professor Elias Papaioannou will moderate the discussion that will try to identify the long-run trends on global development and the future of societies in an increasingly interconnected economy.

Oded Galor is the Herbert Goldberger Professor of Economics at Brown University. His research on unified growth theory studies the process of development over the entire course of human history, often taking an evolutionary inter-disciplinary approach that blends mathematical modelling and econometrics with geography, cultural anthropology, and biology. His works stresses the role  of deep-rooted factors in the transition from stagnation to growth and in the emergence of the vast inequalities across the globe. Professor Galor’s work has redirected research in the field of economic growth to the exploration of the long shadow of history and to the role of biogeographical forces in comparative economic development.

Elias Papaioannou is a Professor of Economics at LBS, where he also serves as an Academic Co-Director of the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development. His research focuses on international finance, political economy, growth, development, and economic history. Elias has held Visiting Professorships at Harvard and MIT’s Department of Economics.

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