Women in Business: Halfway through my LBS journey

By Vipal Adroja, MiM 2023

It is safe to say that my usage of British slangs saw an upward trend from deciphering dialogues in “The Crown” or “Peaky Blinders” to wishing everyone “cheerio”. As I type my draft for the admissions blog, I’m already halfway through my journey at LBS and yes I couldn’t agree more – time flies in the blink of an eye.

Finding my tribe

As I flew to London for my Master’s in August 2022, I was thrilled to experience what the city holds for me and how my journey at LBS would transpire. I would now describe it as a sweet spot between being constantly tested to overcome the gratifying challenges you signed up for and feeling cheerfully relieved after every accomplishment, small or big, only to get back up again and pick a new venture.

The sweetness of the hustle at business school lies in finding your tribe and perpetually growing together. I found my tribes (or packs as I like to call them) in various sizes and programs (yes, early careers and MBAs gel quite well!) – my Master’s in Management class, the LBS Blockchain Society Executive Committee, the Women in Business Executive Committee, and the lovely Equall Conference Team!

This academic year was pleasantly busy. I held positions in the organizing committees of not one but two events – the London Blockchain Summit, where I was in the Special Projects Team, and Equall: Beyond Barriers, where I held the position of Marketing Lead. Somewhere down the line, my learnings during the Blockchain Summit groomed me for Equall, and I am beyond thankful to my incredible team at LBS Blockchain Society for this.

Equall 2023

Before you think it’s misspelled, let me clear it out – the conference is named Equall on purpose. This year, the Women in Business club organized the 23rd Equall conference, and by now, I would say it’s more of a tradition than just a conference. Equall is the largest women-led conference hosted by a European Business School.

As the Marketing Lead for Equall 2023, my responsibilities included creating and scheduling posts to promote the conference, curating content for the attendees, and taking over the LBS Instagram channel (@londonbschool) on the day of the conference. As it turns out, you wear many hats when you’re on the organizing committee of such a significant event. I would regularly check in with the logistics team to make sure we deliver the best.

This year’s theme, “Beyond Barriers,” envisions a world where women are unlimited in their ability to achieve their greatest potential. We had about 480 attendees at the conference who all came to interact with over 20 speakers – a mix of brilliant women and extremely supportive and kind allies. This was our biggest conference so far, and it felt amazing to hear from several attendees that it was also one of the best conferences that they had attended.  

As I look back, some voices of our extraordinary speakers echo in my head. This is what they sound like –

“Titles come across as a consequence of your value, not the other way around.”

“Being an ally to other people brings strength to yourself and your community.”

“Stories have the power to transform you, so keep reading.”

And lastly my favourite one – “Being a leader is about making choices, don’t wait for the title.”

My perspective

It’s no surprise that the Business school lifestyle makes you feel like you’re being constantly tested. While academics and recruitment run throughout the academic year and LBS provides immense support to smoothen your journey, it is important to discover your network and one of the best ways to do so is by joining student clubs. Your connections beyond academics will provide you with guardian-like companionship.

While I’m done sipping my coffee and getting up soon to get a refill, I hope somewhere you – the reader – feel telepathically energetic and excited for the adventures that LBS holds!

For further information regarding Women in Business, please visit our Women at LBS page here.

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