Women in Business: My LBS experience – You get out what you put in

By Nouhaila Berdai, MiM 2023

I have always felt the need to constantly evolve into a different, higher version of myself. I grew up in Morocco, pursued my studies in France then Germany went on road trips in Asia and maximized my proficiency in five languages. I quickly realized that whenever I step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges, I experience an amazing rush of fulfilment!

I knew that the MiM program was not a standard Masters programme, but I wasn’t aware of the whirlwind of experiences. I would find myself: learning Salsa with future colleagues/potential bosses, networking evenings, mental coaching sessions etc…

How cool is that!

As I embarked on the LBS experience, my growth curve became a carefully crafted and curated set of experiences that I would broadly divide into three categories: Academic, Professional and Social.

Growing with the perfect academic toolset

It’s hard not to believe we are living in science fiction. We are talking to machines every day, Jeff Bezos is taking people on space trips, and talking robots are real now. A new world is opening up to us, it’s time to pick up tools and get building! The first step to do so is: Be intentional and plan your academic development.

Having obtained a very theoretical background in Economics and Finance, I needed more practical learning perspectives. I needed LBS. Not only focused on traditional in-class teaching, but the integrated modules offered by the MiM also enable me to improve my ability to apply theories to real-life problems, which I firmly believe is at the core of every educational process. The LondonLAB, the electives, the Global Experience and much more shape this learning experience into the perfect toolset for understanding new, evolving markets.

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LBS has taken bets on me and allowed my professional growth

Today, women need to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors and I have always wanted to be part of it!

The degree is only the first step to getting your dream job. The soft skills needed to go through application processes and interviews are where everything happens. And that is where LBS makes a difference for its students. We actually get thorough and personalized coaching when applying for jobs.

I needed support and guidance. What I found at LBS? Career specialists, recruitment evenings and coaching supporting me. Thank you, Team, I got the summer internship I dreamed of!

I needed that career-changing kick. I am a strong believer in the importance of meeting the right person at the right time. Inspiring teachers, remarkable peers and brilliant alumni act as strong catalysts for me to be the best I can be.

I needed new perspectives.“The LBS experience is what you make out of it”. I couldn’t agree more. I have the chance to do the Global Experience, a one-week international course. Through it, I’ll delve into cases of tech/entrepreneurship, discover Silicon Valley and more.

Personal development fits alongside professional growth

It’s easy to develop wishy-washy goals. What about the importance of social and personal growth? This year, I see myself going from being dependent to independent to interdependent. Attending lectures on emotional intelligence, leadership skills and team building made me realize that the scale one can achieve while building interdependencies with others is simply awesome!

Last but not least, I am studying with peers from over 40 different countries!

The global community that LBS has established is enriching in a way that no single course or program alone could be. I understand now the value of diverse perspectives, as they offer the most fertile ground for personal development and innovation.

This has shaped my character into an internationally oriented individual, which I consider as my main asset in this globally integrated world.

Pursuing the MiM at LBS is not only about joining a renowned graduate program whose reputation and prestige are well established – it is simply one of the most intense and enriching years you can experience.

For further information regarding Women in Business, please visit our Women at LBS page here.

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