Anxiety vs Excitement

 by Stephanie Webster, EMBA London January 2021

It’s the start of my MBA journey! I’m so excited!

I have so much to learn and it starts with me: learning about how I manage my emotions during this unbelievable programme.  Managing anxiety is an essential skill to master to deal with life, MBA, family, health, work and so on.


My top tips:

  1. Exercise. Just do it.
  2. Avoid stimulants e.g coffee
  3. Maintain perspective (I’m not being chased by a lion. It’s only data analytics. Calm down Steph!)
  4. Find the funny side of the pressure
  5. Be immensely grateful for all the opportunities

This list is all very lovely but sometimes we need need a bit of help to manage our state.

The Well-being Centre at LBS provides support for these occasions. It’s useful talking to someone. I talk to James Lamper and his tips are:

  1. Opening up to someone you trust can be a relief and help you better understand your worries and anxiety.
  2. Look after your physical health by getting enough sleep and following a balanced diet that can stabilise your mood and energy levels.
  3. Regular exercise will help you battle stress and release tension, as your brain releases endorphins which will improve your mood.
  4. Breathing exercises, mindfulness and relaxation techniques will help calm your mind.
  5. Keep a diary of the situations that make you feel anxious and note how you’ve reacted in each situation. This will help you identify potential triggers for your anxiety.
  6. Avoid things that can exacerbate your anxiety, such as smoking, caffeine and alcohol.

So there we have it.

If you fancy a chat, my door is open. You can reach out to me via Linkedin.



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